b"ResNexusfers Travel Protection that protects campgrounds from last-minute According to Mayfield, its systems are very easy to set up and in- cancellation due to illness or injury. clude full support. www.resnexus.com385-292-1518 We are the highest rated campground software on Capterra, he said. A lot of that has to do with our industry-leading customer sup- RoverPass port. We have a very guest-friendly online booking engine that clearlyOutdoor hospitality is following the path of hotels and many properties highlights the availability on a calendar and doesn't hide inventory,are looking into additional ways to increase their revenue, said Parikh. Sell-so your camper knows when they can book without playing the guess- ing products or event tickets has become more appealing as a secondary ing game. market. These functions are increasingly combined in operational needs In addition, Mayfield said unlike many of its competitors, ResNexusand owners will make purchase decisions based on how much their entire is not an online travel agent or competing marketplace that emailsoperation can take on.guestsandencouragesthemtobooksitesatcompetitorcamp- He stated that owners who wish to keep their inventory booked need to grounds. be on multiple travel sites, go through multiple online travel agents and in-Instead, ResNexus connects you to world-class OTAs like Expedia,vest more in advertising.Booking.com, Airbnb, VRBO, Spot2Nite and more, he said. Then,For many the barrier here is the worry about double bookings or simply once you have new guests, ResNexus directly markets to those guestsbeing unable to dedicate time to manage and maintain multiple accounts to significantly increase your return guest rate.every day, Parikh said. New solutions, such as our channel manager, are Mayfield said that ResNexus is also very affordable. being developed to integrate and automate multiple listings so that owners The price of the software is according to site units and the season,still receive the benefit of more visibility on so many new directories and he shared. You only pay for what you need. We do not charge per on- travel sites, but no longer have to manually maintain everything them-line booking or phone reservation. Its just a simple straight rate. Inselves.addition, we offer a lifetime pricing guarantee, meaning that as longHe explained that RoverPass makes it extremely easy to onboard an RV as you own your business, the cost of your ResNexus property man- park, campground or resort.agementsoftwarewillneverincreaseunlessyouaddmoreunits,All that is required is two meetings, Parikh said. One to onboard exist-meaning we only grow when you grow. Thats huge with the inflationing reservations and any important information in the platform and another challenges many businesses are facing. to train on how to navigate and explore the features. In total, most properties New to the software is Automated Gate Access control and Wi-Fihave fully implemented RoverPass in two hours and are ready to go full utility meter integration with Wild Energy. In addition, ResNexus of- steam ahead. We can accomplish this because we have built our system to focus entirely on outdoor hospitality properties rather than attempting to be everything to the entire travel industry.It also allows for properties to grow at their own pace. Additional services such as a free listing for the RoverPass online marketplace, tickets and event pass solution, online general store and channel manager to multiple listings are available as add-ons.Our system has a one-time fee of $149 for setting up and then we employ apay-as-you-gomethod,wherewecharge$2perreservationthatis processed through the system, Parikh explained. We have no maintenance fees or annual or monthly subscription fees. Our goal is to make our system affordable to every property owner. It is extremely easy to incorporate a pay-ment system within RoverPass for our customers. We do direct deposit pay-ments, so owners receive their money quickly and we keep reports up to date, so everything is transparent.22 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"