b'RoverPass has a five-star support system where customers speak to realFounded in 2015 by the companys CEO Jeff Reeda longtime campground humans every time and regularly receive feedback, noted Parikh. There isconsultant with a computer science degree and multiple Microsoft data cer-zero cost for additional support or for re-training on part of the system. tificationsStaylist offers everything needed to manage a campground in one www.roverpass.com512-643-3387easy place. The software is intuitive, easy to use and is preferred by hosts and guests Spot2Nitealike, the company states. The booking experience is paramount and leads to expansion of mobile/con- Because of its low upfront and operating costs, Staylist clients spend less tactless payment and check-in processes, said Terry Broussard, CEO and co- to achieve the process of reservation management. founder of Spot2Nite. The software makes it easy to keep track of reservations, billing and guest Spot2Nites cloud-based booking software was designed specif- requests on a simple, organized platform. Acquiring and managing more ically for campground operators and RV travelers, according toguest stays is easy, with tools to schedule, bill and list campground sites all in Broussard. one solution. By using API connections to aggregate RV spot inventory andFeatures include: real-time availability in a centralized marketplace across both web Pricing and Billing and mobile apps, Spot2Nite alleviates the time-wasting search, Communication and SMS load and find no spots available antiquated single-source booking Point of Sale Terry Broussard routine many RV travelers have experienced up until now, he ex-Reporting and Analytics plained. We import all of a parks available RV spot inventory and Booking and Reservation pricing. Using the information on the parks website, we build out a property profile.Business Management Reservations made on Spot2Nite are instantly sent to your existing propertyhttps://pro.staylist.com865-205-0210management software, Broussard added. The cost is zero! There is no cost or com-mission fee charged to the campground operator to be connected to Spot2Nite. We just charge the RV camper a nominal convenience fee at check-out.When it comes to service, he stated that his company is full-service.UnlikeotherOTAsys-tems, we do it all, Brous-sard added. From the first search to the first booking, Spot2Nite remains available for support. During the on-boardingprocess,wewill need park maps, spot types and characteristics to load. Ifitsacharacteristicwe dont currently have avail-able, our development team will create that filter just for you. We do not need any ex-isting reservation informa-tion.After the build, his team runs test bookings to con-firm that available spots ap-pear when vacant and are ready for booking, as well as the flow of reservation pay-ment to the accounts. Con-nectingtoSpot2NitealsoWebRezPro Property Management System comes with a Park Relations Team dedicated to making onboarding and accountFrank Verhagen, president of WebRezPro, said the labor shortage has en-management a success. Campgrounds also have a direct contact team with accesshanced the demands for automation.to a 24/7 live chat with any questions. Stemming from the need to do more with less, he said, On top of service, we offer extensive marketing support at no cost to the camp- were seeing a surge of lodging operators looking to automate. ground, he concluded. RV travelers are exposed to your property via web and mo- Demand for contactless features like self-check-in, guest mes-bileapps,aswellasacrossdigitalchannels,socialmedia,emailandpushsaging and keyless entry hasnt waned since the pandemic. notifications. Our marketing advertisements are created from content in the app,Were moving toward a much more mobile guest journey as including park pictures and features tailored to our unique travelers and destina- guests want secure, personalized, self-serve opportunities to tions. navigate their stay.www.spot2nite.com877-778-2683Verhagen said WebRezPro offers powerful functionality in a Frank Verhagen straightforward, easy-to-use package. The software empowers campgrounds and RV parks to take charge of their online inventory and maximize direct bookings with a com-mission-free, user-friendly booking engine that includes an interactive book-ing map, according to Verhagen. While the software is comprehensive it isnt hard to adopt, he said. A ded-icatedonboardingspecialistisassignedtoeachpropertyleadingthem through the system setup process and training via a series of live online ses-sions at the clients convenience. In addition to free ongoing phone and email support, an online user manual and training videos are available on demand from within the system.WebRezPro is available for a monthly subscription fee based on the prop-ertys number of sites or campsites. There are no system setup fees or com-mission fees. Discounts apply to seasonal campgrounds. The subscription fee covers a complete property management solution including a no-fee booking engine, integrated accounting, analytics and reporting, point-of-sale pur-chases, payment gateway integration, unlimited users and more. WebRezPro is built and supported in Canada by an entirely in-house sup-port team providing complementary phone and email support every day. Its clients are kept up to date with new features and software updates via in-sys-tem announcements as well as monthly email communications.It is close to releasing a new improved version of its online booking engine. An interactive campground booking map allows guests to see real-time site Staylistavailability and make a booking by selecting an available spot on the camp-Knoxville, Tenn.-based Staylist provides a reservation software programground map, helping guests understand the layout of the property and choose that is used by more than 2,000 campsites nationwide, according to informa- the best available spot. tion provided by the company.www.webrezpro.com403-777-9300WCM 24 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'