b'OWNERS PERSPECTIVE nBY JEFF CRIDERThe Lusvarghis have worked to improve numerous aspects of the Lake Milton/Berlin KOA including adding more amenities and making it a destination for families.AfterImmigrating,OwnersFindSuccess byRehabbingKOACampgroundinOhio America loves immigrant successton/BerlinLakeKampgroundsofFernando obtained university degreesopted to leave the country along with stories, the familiar accounts of peo- America (KOA) Holiday campgroundin engineering and business beforeDamaris and their two young sons, ple who come from foreign lands within Lake Milton, Ohio, with his wife,moving to the Mato Grasso area ofMatheus and Thiago, who were only limited means and climb the ladder ofDamaris, offers one such story. TheBrazil,whereheeventuallymetseven and five at the time. financial success through their hardonly difference is that he not only didDamaris. Fernandos family had a cat- We sold everything we had or gave work and determination.it in one, but two different countriestle ranching business there, but by theit away, Fernando recalled. Fernando Lusvarghi, who co-ownsafter leaving his native Brazil in 2000.1990s, Fernando was troubled by theThey ended up in Canada, which and operates the 200-site Lake Mil- Born and educated in So Paulo,rise of the political left in Brazil andaccepted them within 30 days, largely as a result of Fernandos education and his potential ability to help sup-port Canadas economy. But while Fernando had advanced degrees in Brazil, his engineering cre-dentials were ultimately not accepted byprofessionalassociationsin Canadaa tactic used by many pro-fessionalassociationsaroundthe world to protect their members from competitionfromimmigrantswith similar education and training. I would have to go back to school in Canada for engineering, Fernando Fernando and Damaris Lusvarghi26 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'