b'More than 70 glamping accommodation units were setup outside the venue. Unique units, like this stone-looking unit from Universal Rocks, caught the eyes of attendees. Vendors remained busy throughout the two-day show as many reported attendees were eager The show attracted more than 1,000 attendees, many of which took in education session.to take the next step in developing a park.Glamping Show USA Highlights Growth of Segment with Record-Breaking Conference nBY BEN QUIGGLEBefore The Glamping Show USA evenfeedback, Korse noted. I had one outdoor opened its doors, David Korse, the organ- accommodations exhibitor that told me they izer of the event, expected a lot of energy atclosed sales on over 30 units before noon this years conference.on the first day of the event. The tradeshow He wasnt disappointed.component didnt even open until 10 a.m. Theshow,heldOct.I saw one of the owners of another ac-4-5attheArapahoecommodation exhibitor walking through on CountyFairgroundsinthe second day of the event and he men-Aurora, Colo., broke at- tioned I dont know why I am here, and my tendance and vendor reg- initial thought was, This isnt good, he istration records, with aadded. But the owner noted that they had total of 1,454 confirmedalready sold 62 units and that they had al-tradeshowvisitors,aready exceeded their expectations, so the 37%jumpover2021,bad news turned good. David Korse and 832 paid conferenceMany vendors also reported to WCM attendees, up from 550 in 2021.that they expected to do even more busi-In its fifth year, the show also noticedness with show attendees after the show that attendees were coming ready to buy,was over. Many ran out of printed marketing somethingKorsetoldWoodallsCamp- material on the first day and were scram-ground Magazine (WCM) was a huge boostbling to get more for day two. for vendors. The show attracted more thanKorse also heard positive feedback from 110 vendors, with more than 70 structuresattendeeswhochattedwithhimatthe set up outside the venue for attendees toevent. look through. They came up and just wanted to say As I made my rounds to each exhibitorthank you for putting on the show, he said. during the event I would ask, Is this a terri- Our speakers all indicated that they had a ble mistake or was it a good thing? andpositive experience, and many offered to every single one said, Oh my gosh, this ex- come back again. Overall, the show was ceeded our expectations and of course,just very positive. well be back next year. From an organ- The show also held educational sessions izers point of view, thats a lot of positiveonOct.3thatwerewellattended.The 28 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'