b'American Glamping Association (AGA) gottendees sat in, with 200 people taking part things started with some add-on educationalin the investment session and 400 in the opportunities including its new Glamping In- glamping basics session. vestment Connection which allowed six ap- Both of the sessions went very well and plicants to pitch their businesses to a roomeveryone who attended left with some great fullofhospitalityinvestors,realestateinformation to boost their businesses, he groups, banks, manufacturers and other or- explained. ganizations that are actively deploying cap- Eight educational sessions were offered ital in the travel space.during the main portion of the show, with an Back by popular demand, The Glamp- hour between each session that allowed at-ing Show USA hosted its Glamping Busi- tendees to peruse vendor booths. Korse said ness Basics which is designed to givethere is pressure to add more sessions, but newer entrants to the glamping space athat there are some logistical issues as to run-through of some of the basics whenhow much the show can support. it comes to launching and operating aI guess if we were at the Denver Con-glamping park.vention Center, we would have unlimited Educational sessions tackled a variety of topics from marketing to off-grid solutions.Both of those events were add-ons to themeeting rooms and auditoriums, but that show and Korse noted that hundreds of at- takes away from what were doing and we wouldnt have any outdoor space, he ex-plained. I feel if we produce this event in a traditional expo center it will lose its character. Korsedidaddsomenewexperiential events this year including an e-bike experi-ence from Magnum Bikes that gave atten-deesachancetotestdriveoneofthe companys e-bikes inside the equestrian arena located right next to the shows main building. Through a partnership with Stout Tent, the show was also able to have 40 atten-dees glamp on-site during the event. Magnum Bike did over 200 demos dur-ingthetwodays,sotheywerevery happy, noted Korse. We also received positive reviews from all 40 people who stayed in the glamping village. I think we picked up some ideas on the glamping side that we can improve on, but overall, it was a great experience. Many vendors reported that they made numerous sales at the event. Korse did tell WCM that there were some things the show will continue to work on, like Wi-Fi access, screen visibility during confer-ence sessions and lunch congestion, but that many of the issues are operational and can be fixed for future shows. Overall, as the show wound down on Oct. 5 it was hard for Korse not to have a smile on his face. As the glamping segment grows in popularity and more people begin to explore the idea of building glamping parks or adding glamping segments to ex-isting parks, Korse expects his show to continue to grow. Where else can you take a look at this manyunitsallinthesameplace?He asked. It would take you years to schedule tours with vendors and travel to different lo-cations to see all these units. We have it all here and that is what separates us from other shows, I think. It makes this show an efficient place to be and I think that alone will continue to contribute to our success. Looking forward, Korse has announced the dates for next years showOct. 2-4, 2023at the same location. Vendorsinterestedinparticipatingin 2023,canregisterat www.glampingshow.us/contract.html. Korse said the price to exhibit is remain-ing the same for 2023.WCM30 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'