b'State Association UpdatesCalifornia Outdoor Hospitality Association (CalOHA)Illinois Campground Association (ICA)CalOHA has been monitoring the progress of sev- Sign up now for the Fall Conference where ICA is part-eral bills through the most recent legislative ses- nering with the Campground Owners Expo. For more sion. SB 869 requires managers and assistantinformation on advertising, scholarships or ICAs fall managers of mobile home and RV parks to com- conference, contact Info@illiniosgocamping.com plete online training and renew the training every year. It passed and goes into effect on May 1,Ohio Campground Owners Association (OCOA) 2025. Also passed was SB 1044 which prohibits anPlans are underway for the associations spring conference and employer, in the event of an emergency condition,expo which will be held at the Embassy Suites Columbus Airport as defined, from taking or threatening adverse ac- March 3-4. Contact OCOA Executive Director Kristy Smith for regis-tion against any employee (except for specified emergency response workers, amongtration information at info@ohiocampers.com others) for refusing to report to, or leaving, a workplace within the affected area be-cause the employee has a reasonable belief that the workplace is unsafe. The bill alsoPennsylvania Campground Owners Association (PCOA) prohibits an employer from preventing an employee, with some exceptions, from ac- The Fall 2022 PCOA Regional Meetings started in September and finished in October. cessing the employees mobile device or other communications device to seek emer- PCOA had a total of 47 campgrounds and gency assistance, assessing the safety of the situation or communicating with a74 people attend the fall regional meetings. person to verify their safety. www.campcalnow.org; 530-885-1624.Due to parks remaining busy many werenot able to attend. Hosting campgrounds Colorado Campground & Lodging Owners Association (CCLOA) were: Region 1, Meadville KOA Journey; Mary Arlington, executive director of the CCLOA, em- Region 2, Mountain Pines Campground; Region 3, Crooked Creek Campground; Region 4, barked on a journey throughout the state of Colorado toParadise Stream Family Campground; Region 5, Honesdale Pocono KOA; and Region 6, visit 350-400 parks to raise awareness of the associa- Pinch Pond Family Campground. PCOAs Annual Convention is Dec. 4-7 at the Penn Stater tion and some of the projects it is focused on. Arling- in State College. The trade show is Dec. 5-6. For trade show and sponsorship information ton noted that it is valuable for her to hear parkwww.pacamping.com; 610-767-5026. owners/operators stories in person. The association is in the middle of 2023 membership renewals and hopesTexas Association of Campground Owners (TACO) to add even more parks after the tour is complete.TACO is just finishing its annual renewal campaign https://ccloa.org; 970-573-0320.and campground membership is at an all-timehigh of 450 campground members and nearly 90 Florida (and Alabama) RV Park & Campground Associationvendor members. The 2023 TEXAS RV Travel & (Camp Florida and Camp Alabama)Camping Guide has been sent to the printer and The Florida and Alabama RV Park and Campgroundwill be available for distribution beginning in January. The October webinar in the Texas Camp-Association continues to work with parks that weregrounds Educational Series took place Oct. 11 and featured a preview of TACOs activities lead-impacted by Hurricane Ian. If you would like to assisting up to the 2023 legislative session in Texas. Webinar speakers included Ron Hinkle, TACO a park that has been damaged you can send checkslegislative consultant; Randall Dally, TACO president; and Brian Schaeffer, TACO executive direc-to the Florida Campground Disaster Relief Fund, 1340tor and CEO. www.tacomembers.com; 877-518-1989.Vickers Road, Tallahassee, Fla., 32303. 850-562-If you are the director of a state association not listed here and would like to submit a small news update, logo 7151; www.campflorida.comand contact information for a future publication, email bquiggle@rvbusiness.com WCMWOODALLSCM.comDecember 2022 35'