b'MODERN MARKETINGAI: A Content Marketers Best Friend Five years is a lifetime in tech and finally practical, high-quality possibilitiesEvanne abound.Thecompetencelevelofmodern-generationAIcapabilitiesisSchmardermind-blowing and affordably available to marketers everywhere.In 2017, I had the distinct pleasureswers.Iwantedtoknowif Watsonused the buzzy DALL*E-2 AI text-to- tion to the fine print.of attending the world-renowned techcould write content for me, based onimage art generator (what some callCopyAI event, Web Summit, in Lisbon, Portu- topical input. He told me, with an ifan art bot)? You know the one: access Free for 2,000 words/mo, one user gal. I was there to learn about the lat- only, gee whiz chuckle, that the tech- the app, provide a few specific terms Paid plans begin at $49/mo for estmodernmarketingtechniquesnology wasnt there yet but it was vis- of what youd like to see and press go.40,000 words and increase with word and to network with those who sit atible on the horizon. In a few seconds, youre presentedcount, five users the top in their fields. Its a big-dealWhile its early-ish artificial intelli- withanimagebasedonmachine Use it for social media posts, ad eventthatdrawsbig-dealspeakersgence (AI) strategy didnt pan out aslearning.(CheckoutitsInstagram:copy, social media ads, blog posts and vendors. To give you an idea ofIBM had hoped, it was an imagina- https://www.instagram.com/ope-Excellent tutorials the quality of speakers Web Summittion-inducing precursor to what wenaidalle.)Excels in short copy output, more draws, I was in the audience, a dozenare just now beginning to see realized.As impressive as the product of Sanofanassistantthanafull-fledged or so rows from center stage, whenIn2021,TheNewYorkTimesob- Francisco-based tech giant OpenAI iswriter. thelightsdimmedandthecrowdserved, The march of artificial intel- ElonMusk-co-foundedOpenAI, hushedinanticipationoflearningligencethroughthemainstreamthough hes no longer part of the for- Rytr (not to be confused with RytrAI) whothetop-secret,event-openingeconomy, it turns out, will be moreprofit organization theyve got an-Free for 10,000 characters (not keynote speaker was to be. Coloredstep-by-stepevolutionthancata- othertrickuptheirsleeve:GPT-3words)/mo spotlights swept the audience, rile- clysmic revolution. (Generative Pre-trained Transformer Paid plans begin at $90/yr for the em-up music blared and on the bigFive years is a lifetime in tech and3).DeveloperscannowcustomizeSaver plan including 100,000 char-screen appeared Stephen Hawking.finally practical, high-quality possibil- this OpenAI API to perform a wideacters/mo and $290/yr for the Un-Wow!ities abound. The competence level ofvariety of natural language tasks. limited plan, fees for additional users The vendors were no less illustri- modern-generation AI capabilities is Allows user to choose from 20-ous and were eager to meet with at- mind-blowing and affordably avail- Natural language tasks? plus tones of voice tendees to share their future-lookingable to marketers everywhere. WhatWhile it might sound like some-Robust rich-text editor projects. Thats how I found myselfweve put into practice as Facebook,thingyourhighschoolEnglish Great value, intuitive, award-win-sitting down with one of IBMs Wat- customer service and booking bots isteacher would ask for, GPT-3 technol- ning. son engineers, talking tech. maturing and is ripe for exploration. ogy is not that. Instead, its an AI tool He gave me a brief overview of Wat- that parses a users text fragment in- Jasper sonscapabilitiesandcurrentuses.Opening AIsputsandrunsthemthroughpre-No free level but offers a five-day Fascinating, but I wanted some an- Have you heard of or maybe eventrainedalgorithms,returningfree trial human-like written content. It might Paid plans begin at $29/mo for summarize text, translate English to20,000 words and increase with word other languages or correct grammar.count, five users This is a big deal.Starter recommended for short-Ofthemanyproductsthathaveform content; Boss recommended been built on OpenAIs API, whatsfor full-fledged content marketers. most relevant to us are the writing as- Onboarding,Communityand sistant platforms, those that can pro- Training Bootcamp is included with vide very good content that is oftenboth levels indistinguishableasAI-generated. Considered the Rolls Royce of AI Think blog outlines and posts, socialcontent bots, award-winning, great media content and captions, onlinesupport. ad copy and calls to action, job de-scriptions, even plucking keywordsRepercussions from a stilted product description. StephenHawkingwasfamously And while theres plenty of AI mojosuspectofartificialintelligence to be had in this application, its not(though he eventually came to rely foolproof. You still must make sureupon it to communicate). In his 2017 the content is clear, free of errors andWebSummittalk,hislastpublic accurately represents your business.speech, he told the audience, Suc-Beware of copy and pasting. Do acess in creating effective AI could be fact-check if the information the botthe biggest event in the history of our returns isnt known by you to be true.civilization.Ortheworst.Wejust Thesetoolsrequireasolidread- dont know. So, we cannot know if we through,atweakhere,arewordwill be infinitely helped by AI or ig-there. nored by it and sidelined or conceiv-Itsalsoimportanttonotethatably destroyed by it. Google has made it clear that AI-gen- WhetheryousubscribetoMr. erated content is against their web- Hawkingsviews,technology masterguidelines.Yettheyvealsomarches forward. The genie will not concededthatitsalgorithmsfacereturn to the bottle. Instead of ignor-challenges in identifying this type ofing AI, we are called upon to use it re-content. Take that for what its worth.sponsibly and for the betterment of humanity.AndIdargueoutdoor Platforms-a-plenty hospitality experiences make us all It seems every Tom, Dick and Janebetter people. out there with API abilities is creating a writing assistant. There is no short- Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM age of platforms to consider. The bestModernMarketingcolumnistand one for you will come down to yourprincipal at Roadabode Productions, needs and how you use the tool. Herewill soon be releasing the second book are three top contenders for your con- in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-sideration and testing. Each offers aground Online series. Details to follow free trial period but pay close atten- at roadabode.com WCM8 December 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'