b"SUPPLIER INSIGHTS nBY BEN QUIGGLEJamestown Advanced Products Continues Adapting to the Needs of Park OwnersIn operation since the late 1980s,sentative for the company. We strivenewproductslikeourLevel2EVthesecompo-JamestownAdvancedProducts,to meet the demands we receive fromCharging Station to best fit the im- nents from ven-basedinJamestown,N.Y.,hascampground owners and look forwardmediateandfuturedemandsofdors.learned to adapt a progressive stanceto following the trends set to arise incampground owners, he explained. We will have when it comes to change. the coming years.Lookingforward,Santillinotedexciting news for Whentheshopfirstopened,itsThe company offers a large catalogthat the company plans to continueourcustomers ownersbegantouringthecountryof products from an extensive collec- improvingitsmanufacturingon reduced lead visiting campgrounds and bringingtionoffirerings,powersolutions,processes, while evaluating the land- times in the first back ideas for products the companywasteandrecyclingreceptacles,scapefortrendscomingdownthehalf of this year, could manufacture to service the out- IGBC-Certified Bear Proof lockers,pipeline. Santilliadded. door hospitality industry. Since thenbenches, tables, dog park productsOur entire team continuously re- Weareconfi-the company has grown and is a rec- and much more.searches and pays attention to thedent that the ac-ognized supplier of campground fur- Weve recently launched our Level 2site furnishing market to ensure thattionstakenin nishings for many park owners.EV Charging Station, set to ship in Q1we are up-to-date on the materials,the last year have Currentowners,WendiandLee2022, said Santilli. Our Empire Collec- designs, and functionalities or acces- setupasolid Lodestro, purchased the company intionofipe-finishedproductsisde- sibility requirements commonly re- platformfor 1999 and have propelled it to newsignedtoenduretheelementsandquested by park owners, he said. WeJamestownAd-heights by being open to change overprovide an attractive aesthetic to up- continuallyupgradeequipment,vancedtosee the years.scale campgrounds and shared spaces.streamlineprocesses,andimprovesustainedsuc-Whether it is a request for new ma- Santilli noted that the pandemicvendor relationships to avoid supplycess and growth terials, innovative designs, ADA-acces- has increased the demand from parkchain interruptions in this new globalthrough the next sible equipment, dual-purpose powerowners for American-made products. economy. Like many manufacturers,decadeandbe-products or long-lasting powder coatDespite the impact of the globala significant roadblock has been pur- yond. finishes, weve remained progressive insupply chain crisis, we have contin- chased parts, so weve taken massiveTolearnmore our effort to adjust our products, saidued to push forward with innovatingsteps to streamline supply and allowaboutJamestownAdvancedProducts Spencer Santilli, a marketing repre- our current products and designingfor greater flexibility when sourcinghead to www.JamestownAdvanced.com. Sigmawifi Offers Cloudcase to Keep Wi-Fi Up and Running in Any SituationNatural disasters stole a lot of headlinesThey could have two sim cards from eachstructionclientswhousethesecases in 2021, from hurricanes to wildfires, tor- carrier installed in the unit. That enableswhen they are out in remote areas to get nadoes and more. For park owners, thatthem to bond together for increased signalWi-Fi access, Morse said.means being prepared for any disaster isstrength. They work very well in remoteThe Cloudcases are designed to remain key when it comes to protecting campers. areas, and they're ruggedized, so they canplugged in at an office while they are not Usually, the ability to communicate ishandle dust, water, rain and snow.in use and Morse said trickle technology one of the first things to get hit when anyThe unit can operate while the case isallows the battery to stay connected to natural disaster occurs. This can hampershut, and it is designed to automaticallypower without impacting the longevity of an owners ability to get updates on evac- connect when a power outage or otherthe battery.uation statuses, communicate with out- issue knocks out the main source of com- A standard battery will last up to eight side agencies to manage recovery efforts,munication at a park. Morse said eachhours, but owners can also install a battery or help campers communicate with fam- a hard-shelled case that is designed toCloudcase can connect up to 50 people atthat will cover a 24-hour period, noted ily members and park staff. withstandtheelements,accordingtothe same time. Morse. You can also connect it to solar Eli Morse, CEO of Sigmawifi, saidMorse. Each unit includes a router andSigmawifi has already sold a number ofpower. that his company has begun distribut- battery inside with room for eight simthese units to Sun Communities, parentMorse said he always tells park owners ing a unique Wi-Fi box that can helpcards. company of Sun Outdoors, Kampgroundsto have some redundancy in their systems eliminate communication issues whenThis allows for owners to have accessof America Inc. parks and has also workedfor emergency purposes, and he said that a disaster hits. to the four major carriers, AT&T, Sprint,with Equity LifeStyle (ELS) Properties. this system offers that.Called a Cloudcase, the units come inVerizonandT-Mobile,heexplained.We also have a large number of con- Thisdeviceallowsownerstohave failover and redundancy, and in those re-allychallenginglocationsintheU.S. where you might not have a cell signal, or you might have one bar on your phone, you'll be able to run Zoom calls through this thing, he explained.If a disaster eliminates cell service in a location, Morse said that the ability to connect to multiple carriers should help alleviate issues.It also has this component called WiFi Win behind the cover that is an extender, he said. That Wi-Fi extender allows it to connect to any signal. This can act as a Wi-Fi extender and pick up a weak signal and then re-broadcast it. Morse said the Cloudcase can also con-nect to satellites if owners are interested in connecting to StarLink when it launches.Morse also touts the product for parks that have limited availability to good In-ternet as a way for RVers to connect to even a weak cell signal.This will operate at higher speeds than DSL, and it would be an alternative to rural locations that have very weak cell signals, he explained.The company offers different models from residential to commercial which can range from a few thousand up to $6,000.To learn more, head towww.sigmawifi.com. WCM12 February 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"