b'GUEST VIEWLooking at 2022: Continuing Our Industrys Amazing RideAs I look back on the past year, there is so much for all of us to be proud of and thankful for, but as I look ahead to 2022, I know there is much more of this to come. We are part of an amazing industry and again, it is because of unity that these great things are accomplished. ARVC will continue to do every-thing it can to bring our industry together for the benefit of all.The editors of Woodalls Campground Magazine recently asked me to reflect on what our industry had accomplished in 2021 and to look forward to the upcomingPaul year, and I must say there is a great deal toBambeicover. Its an amazing time in our industry. Thepastyearwasonethatsawmuch progress for the outdoor hospitality indus-try, and I look to the coming year as a chancestate associations to join forces with ARVC to continue building on that progress. Thefor the betterment of our entire industry.NationalAssociationofRVParksandWe have already had many fruitful con-Campgrounds (ARVC) and its many part- versations with states across the country in-ners led the charge in a number of areas im- terestedinlearningmoreaboutthis portanttoeveryoutdoorhospitalityunifyingopportunityandwillcontinue business and will continue to do so in 2022.these conversations in the coming year. Advocating for Our IndustryAlso, in November, we welcomed a new With the leadership of the Missouri As- state association specifically into the ARVC sociation of RV Parks and Campgroundscommunitythe Georgia Association of (MOARC), Missouri became the secondRVParksandCampgrounds(Georgia state in the nation to pass comprehensiveARVC). Led by Bobby Smith and based in inherent risk legislationWisconsin wasAtlanta, ARVC will be fully partnered with the firstwhich was signed into law byARVC to represent the interests of outdoor Gov. Mike Parson in July. This legislation ishospitality businesses at the state level in a huge step forward in our desire to ensureGeorgia. Excitement about this new associ-no outdoor hospitality business is saddledation in Georgia has ARVC now working with legal fees or fines from frivolous law- with owners and operators interested in suits brought on by campers injured in thestarting associations in other states cur-outdoors while camping. rently without an association. ARVC is ex-Also this summer, the Indiana Camp- pecting to welcome Utah and Mississippi as ground Owners Association, led by Ronnew associations in 2022 and has started Breymier and Matt Rose, was instrumentalconversationswithmembersinIdaho, in getting the Indiana legislature to pass aMontana,Washington,NewMexico, guest ejection law, which was signed byArkansas and West Virginia as well. If your Gov. Eric Holcomb, that clearly defines thebusiness is in one of these states and youre difference between ejection and evictioninterested in working with us, please reach and therefore allows outdoor hospitalityout to Jaqueline Gloria on our team at businesses in that state to lawfully eject aJaqueline.gloria@arvc.org. camper for criminal trespass with the helpOf course, 2021 wasnt all positive when of law enforcement. it comes to unity as our friends at the ARVC will be working with other statesFlorida RV Park & Campground Associa-in 2022 on both inherent risk legislation andtionandAlabamaRVPark&Camp-guest ejection legislation.ground Association made the decision to At the national level, ARVC succeeded inde-affiliate from the ARVC community. As getting the Cybersecurity and Infrastruc- we continue to focus on growth and reten-ture Security Agency (CISA) to reclassify RVtion in this two-state region, ARVC hired parks and campgrounds as Lodging in theJeremy Carr, based in Sarasota, Fla., to Commercial Facilities Sector rather thansupport ARVC members and the outdoor Outdoor Eventsone step closer to ob- hospitality industry. He has already been taining Essential Business classificationtraveling across both states meeting in for our industry, which ARVC will be work- personandlisteningtomembersand ing toward in 2022.non-members alike so he and ARVC can ARVCalsounifiedwithourindustryprovide the best support possible. Providing GrowthpartnerstheOutdoorRecreationIn November, we announced an indus-Roundtable (ORR), RV Industry Associa- try-first, scholarship program made avail-tion (RVIA), RV Dealers Association (RVDA)able through a generous gift of $1 million by and othersto continue lobbying effortsARVC member and past chairman George this past year on various topics includingOLeary. This gift will fund fully paid schol-taxissuesforsmallbusinesses.Thesearships for members of our industry to at-groups have also come together to create antend what will now be called the George intra-industry collaboration task force fo- OLeary National School for RV Park and cused on research and data sharing that willCampground Management. This two-year help us all improve the perception of valueprogram continues to provide the industry-our industry has on the nations economy.leading curriculum owners, operators and Coming Together as an Industrymanagers have been relying on for years to Advocacy issues, especially at the nationalprepare for the day-to-day operation of an level, are often made possible because weoutdoor hospitality business. These schol-speak with one voice. There really is powerarships will be available beginning with the in numbers. Knowing the importance of2023 program. unity, the ARVC Board of Directors voted inIn addition to National School, ARVC will November to approve a new partnershipalso be enhancing its Outdoor Hospitality model for state associations, and it is ourEducation Program (OHEP), utilizing the hope this new model will make it easier forGuest View continued on page3514 February 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'