b'PMRVsfrom page 16 Forest River Park Model RV Division Gary Duncan, general manager of Forest Rivers Park Model RV Division, told Cavco Industries Inc.WCM that orders remained upbeat for the company throughout 2021, but that pro-Work is still progressing on the planned expansion of its Glendale, Ariz., facilityduction was inhibited somewhat due to numerous vendor part that will require hiring more than 200 employees and help the company produceshortages.its wide variety of PMRV brands, including Cavco Homes, Fleetwood Homes, PalmOur backlog remains strong however, he said.Harbor Homes, Nationwide Homes, Fairmont Homes, Friendship Homes, ChariotThe KOA Deluxe Cabin Series and Americas Park Cabins are the EagleandDestinycompanys largest sellers to campground owners looking for rental Homes.units. Thispastfall,GageMaterialcostin-noted that Cavco is thecreaseshavesignifi-onlymanufacturertoGary Duncan cantlyimpactedthe introduceANSI119.5costofourproducts, ParkModelRV,cabin,moreso than in any previous time Im cottage, custom productaware of, Duncan explained. The com-andTinyHouseRVpetition for employees is extremely high rental financing for allin Elkhart County, Ind., where we are campgrounds,resortsbased. Attracting and retaining employ-and RV parks.ees is more difficult now than ever be-He told WCM in De- fore. cember that loft floorplans continue to be the most popular type of unit, whileDuncan highlighted the fact that the multi-sleeper plans also continue to evolve. company is seeing more interest in its Cavco made a splash when it introduced its new Glamping Tent Cabin at therental cabin business as more park own-Glamping Show USA in early October. The unit features a large, tented section oners recognize the value proposition they the front end, a unique look for a PMRV, which typically are hard sided. bring to the business. The unit features a slew of amenities including a master bath and an outdoor showerOur major focuses continue to be at the rear. While the PMRV does not include a full-sized kitchen, it does have a mi- cost control, finding ways to improve crowave, refrigerator and sink, along with cabinetry near the rear of the tented area.material availability and minimize the A queen-sized bed, along with a dresser, TV and other furniture make up the liv- effect of vendor shortages and delays, and attracting and retaining production em-ing space under the tent. There is even room for a porch at the front of the unit. Anployees, he elaborated. For at least the first half of 2022 we are expecting to see AC/heater split unit comes standard.continued cost increases from our vendors, ongoing material shortages and a tight-Gage noted that the company continues to find ways to innovate and that it has no- ening labor market. ticed an uptick in business from developers and those seeking units for new projects. www.forestriverinc.com/parkmodels574-254-7163 Developers and new projects continue to outpace street retail business, he said. Our focus continues to be in both business models but currently its 60/40 split.Lancaster Log Cabins www.parkmodels.com800-622-8260Lancaster Log Cabins completed construction of a larger 45,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with all new equipment that builds close to 400 units a year, something that Smucker said was key to Real Log Park Model Cabins keeping up with demand.We continue to sell more and more lofted models, he told WCM.Lancaster Log Cabins offers eight differ-ent models, with the five most popularReal Rustic Log Cabinsbeing the Sierra, Lakeview, Adirondack,Turn-Key!Rancher and Ozark.Durable and AppealingAs demand increases, the company isAmish Craftsmanshipfocused on improving the current modelsPays Off Within 1-3 Years it offers versus rolling out new ones.Park Model CabinsWe want to steadily ramp up produc-Starting at $39,900 tion and still maintain our high quality and service standards, Smucker said.Located in Lancaster, PA Smucker noted that in 2021 he heard of 717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com more and more parks expanding and wanting to put in larger numbers of cabins now and in the near future.Our main focus is to continue to ramp up our production to try to meet this increased demand without growing too fast and jeopardizing quality or the moraleofouremployees,heex-plained. In order to do that we need to continue to get more creative in finding ways to get the material and people we need to meet our production goals and maintain our high-quality standards.Seems like the industry as a whole is healthier than ever and everything Im seeing is showing it will stay that way at least for the next few years, Smucker continued. I just hope this crazy mar-ket settles down soon and some of these supply chain and worker shortage is-sues are resolved.www.lancsterlogcabins.com 717-445-5522Kropf Industries Inc.Kropfs Island Series continues to be a hot item, while it also sells PMRVs under the Lakeside and Lakeside LE banners.Trevor Kropf noted that the company is known for its customization.We have always been known for our customization which comes with our PMRVs continued on page2018 February 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'