b'Specialty Lodgingfrom page 16 Glamping Pods of AmericaJohn Poynor, founder of Glamping Pods of America, told WCM the companys Mega Freedom Yurt-Cabins Pod is still the best seller. The pods are in such high demand that the company has Established in 2016 in Sydney, Neb., Freedom Yurt-Cabins combines traditional roundworked its way from a backlog of almost a year to three to four months by increasing yurt design with insulated wood panels in both the walls and ceiling to ensure a stiffer andproduction. more durable structure, explained Scott Cowan, vice president of sales and marketing. That includes about 140 square feet on the inside and is roughly 16 feet long and 10-He said a yurts true definition is a canvas round structure with lattice frame. Specialty Lodging continued on page22We call ourselves a yurt because we look like one, but we are really just made out of wood, he explained. Our basic yurts feature an 18-panel system that has a 25-foot diameter. We are the only struc-ture in our class with an integrated plat-formsystem,sowhenthebuildis complete it is one solid unit.It takes about three to five days with four people to erect, Cowan added. And its rated for 120 mph windstorms. It has ceiling and wall insulation and we have them as far north as the Yukon, and as far south as Patagonia, Chile.Thekitincludesfourdouble-pane glass windows with round log framing and rafters. Cowan said the yurts are en-gineered for strength and longevity. Four models are available. We ship on smaller trucks about 28-feet long so they can be placed about any-where, he said. The 25-footer is $34,975. www.freedomyurtcabins.com719-362-3333 WOODALLSCM.comFebruary 2022 19'