b'window covers. The company had a two- to three-month lead time on orders at the end of 2021.Base prices for the standard yurts range from a 12-footer for $7,340, up to a 30-footerwww.plainscraft.net785-748-4588 for $16,220Our business philosophy of building the best modern yurts in the world while treatingRainier Outdoorcustomers with respect, fairness and honesty remains the same, said Bair. Rainier Outdoor builds handcrafted yurts, canvas cottages, canvas wall tents and tipis. It www.yurts.com541-942-9435has been providing products to its customers since 1896 from its Seattle, Wash., headquarters. Its yurts come in three models. The Eagle Yurt ($14,000 to $27,000), the Raven Yurt PlainsCraft Wagons built to the same standards as the Eagle, but value Steinman spoke with WCM from his new, larger LeCompton, Kan., plant that has dou- engineered for affordability ($9,600 to $16,500) bled its manufacturing capacity. and the Kestrel Yurt which comes in 8-, 10-, 12- We are constantly making improvements.and 16-foot models and has become an alterna-The insulated bonnet cover we introduced lasttive for restaurants and public spaces.year is continuing to be a success, he said. LastRainiers Lakedale Cottages combine the fea-year was a record year. tures of its wall tents and yurts for a cost-effective The young company, founded in 2018, isstructure with 20 different size combinations to fit building covered wagon accommodations formost budgets, according to company officials. campgrounds and resorts and offers a 25- byEvery cottage features a Douglas fir frame, a fabric 10.5-foot, ready-to-occupy space. shell made of 100% cotton Army Duck canvas, up to two doors and six windows per cot-Steinman said most park owners are order- tage and a waterproof vinyl rain fly.ing units with the full bath that now features aTipi kits are made of flame-retardant Army Duck fabric treated for mildew. Tipis are made shower, vanity, sink and toilet. His approach is still to produce customized units. with brass grommet pinning holes, staking loops and reinforced corners on all smoke flaps.The way our customer wants them and whatever they need, he explained.Every order includes a storage bag for transport, stakes, rope and pitching instructions. The firm now has an interior designer and furniture maker on staff to work directlywww.rainieroutdoor.com425-981-1203 with campground owners to produce unique looks. It has discontinued its steel porch for a more rustic look. Shelter Structures AmericaCampgrounds usually order four or more wagons to circle in groupings or place inThe domes are what people are wanting, said Krzeminski.They like them from rustic sites, noted Steinman. a permanent standpoint as they are more stable than many tent systems. These are The price for the wagons ranges from $26,000 to $39,000 each depending on options.more for the owner who is into the longer term, less seasonal lodging, year-round type of rental unit.He said that guests love staying in the domesandcampgroundownerslikethe domes because they are simple to erect and affordable. The majority are sold in the mid-dle of the U.S., but he has campgrounds in colder areas of Canada as well.Campers love the view it provides, he re-ported. With all the bells and whistles you are under $10,000 for a two-person 24-foot unit. You get into the four-person dome, and you are into the $15,000 range. If you just do a dome itself with no accessories, you can expect to pay about $5,000.www.shelterstructuresamerica.com424-254-9172Lonesome Yurts & TreehousesReid Burland, founder and owner of Lonesome Yurts and Treehouses, noted the com-pany has expanded with new products. The company specializes in kits for yurts that can stand alone and blend with trees at the building site. Now we are taking our timber-framed yurt design that we have been producing for the last two years and streamlining it so we can produce it more economically with better ma-terials, explained Burland. We can ship them out as kits to assemble on-site rather than having to show up with our people to do the build.He said when it comes to the treehouse side of the business, he is doing kits for platforms that dont attach to trees but rather incorpo-rate the trees into the design because there are permitting issues when using trees.The tree grows right through the center of the platform posted off the ground, he said. Then we put a plexiglass wall around the tree inside the yurt to seal the space from water and protect the tree. These accommodations range from just a bed and some electricity, all the way up to fullyfurnishedrentalcabinequivalents with kitchen, bathroom, heating and insu-lation.Kits provide a more economical alter-native to a custom build, he concluded. Its a standard platform that they can build on site with pressure treated lumber. Then the kit gets assembled on the top around the tree. A 20-foot yurt starts at $13,450 and goes up from there to 25-foot models with hard panels. More expensive kits can range up to $30,000.Lead times were at 10 to 12 weeks at the end of December.www.lonesomeyurts.com WCM24 February 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'