b'top of the website you can click on theand demand is at an all-time high. I justthem and provide them with an incred- ing for EVs? experiences tab and have access to awant to make sure that when a first- ible experience at a resort? I think itsPhilippsen: All our sites accommodate wide range of experiences to choosetime RVer or camper goes out, that theirpretty hard to experience camping out- all sizes of RVs or vehicles. Were em-from. If you want to go kayaking or playfirst experience is a memorable one.doors with your family and say, Oh, Ibracing the change in climate and were pickleball or visit water parks. If thatsOne that keeps them coming back.never want to do this again, because itsinstalling solar panels at a lot of our lo-how you want to start your search, youId say our biggest challenge is ensur- such a special form of vacation.cations. We are doing our best to help by click those experiences and then imme- ing that we are retaining all these newWCM: Electric vehicles are a hot topicnot impacting the climate or by doing diately youll be shown all the resortsguests. How do we make sure we retainright now. How is Sun Outdoors prepar- things in a positive way. WCMwith those features. You can tailor your vacation or how you want to experience the outdoors and find a location that way. Then on the other side, every resorts website offers a way for our customers tofindoutwhatisgoingoninthe nearby area. We have a very large local area section where weve curated con-tentshowingthethingsthatcanbe done at the resort and at locations near the resort. Then weve got an activity calendar that pulls in on-property and local events, as well. You could look at a calendar and say, Wow, this weekend, theres going to be face painting for the kids. Were also going to go do some kayaking. But then in the evening, there is the town parade at XYZ town. We can show that information in that content calendar through this system. It really allows people, like I said, to build an ex-perience or build a vacation around the experiences that they choose, which I think sets us apart from several other opportunities or vacation companies. WCM: What are some of the chal-lenges that Sun Outdoors or maybe the industry in general faces as we enter 2022 and beyond? Philippsen: I dont know if its a chal-lenge, but we want to continue getting theSunOutdoorsnameoutthere. There are several people who are trying the outdoors and trying to go camping, WOODALLSCM.comFebruary 2022 29'