b'Guest Viewfrom page 14 Helping Campers Find You Throughout the past year, many of you expertise and experience of a task forcehave reported higher than normal occu-chaired by former ARVC Chairman Kathypancy rates, but increased marketing oppor-Palmeri. This task forces work will culmi- tunities continue to be of high interest for nate in an industry seal that recognizes parkoutdoor hospitality businesses wanting to best practices.fully capitalize on the millions of campers Helping You Solve Problemshitting the roads. We heard that call and ThroughouttheCOVIDpandemic,added a Plan Your Route tool to the ever ARVC has been focused on providing so- popular GoCampingAmerica.com website. lutions to the problems our ever-changingThis new Plan Your Route tool allows for world has presented. From monthly we- detailed planning from home (using the binars to giving our Resource Library adesktop version) or on the go (using the boost (its now full of more than 200 valu- mobileapp).UsingGoogleMaps-level able resources), we have been focused ontechnology, campers can now find your helpingyoumakeyourbusinessevenbusiness along their route, read up on your more successful.amenities and activities, and book their With the ongoing labor shortages, onestay. The friendly user interface makes it way we are helping is with the introductioneasy for campers to find you and for you to of the ARVC Career Center. Launched in lateincrease your occupancy even more.2021, the Career Center will help you find andThis feature is now accessible to the mil-build good teams to start the summer camp- lions of visitors each year that go to Go-ing season. To check it out and post your firstCampingAmerica.com and GoRVing.com, job opening, go to www.arvc.org/jobs.and will continue to improve throughout Were also focused on research to give2022 and beyond as we dont see the camp-you a peek into the minds of campers anding craze brought on by COVID going away into the best practices were seeing fromany time soon. successful businesses in our space.As I look back on the past year, there is In 2021, we launched our newest re- so much for all of us to be proud of and searchreport,the2021Generationalthankful for, but as I look ahead to 2022 I Camping Report, sponsored by RMS Northknow there is much more of this to come. America, which offers some fantastic in- We are part of an amazing industry and sights into what campers of different gen- again, it is because of unity that these great erations are looking for when they planthings are accomplished. ARVC will con-their trip, make a reservation and what theytinue to do everything it can to bring our expect when they arrive for their stay. Thisindustry together for the benefit of all. That will be an ongoing annual report.is how weve grown as an industry to this Another annual report is our 2021 Trendspoint and that is how we will continue to and Insights Report, launching at the end ofgrow into the future. I hope you will come January, which will focus on best practicesalong for the ride! at outdoor hospitality businesses across the country. You can learn about the most pop- Paul Bambei is the president and CEO of ular amenities, compare your rates to thethe National Association of RV Parks and average in your region and more.Campgrounds(ARVC).BasedinDenver, Helping solve the problems you face isColo., ARVC is a national association dedi-our focus and the ARVC team is continuingcatedtorepresentingRVparks,camp-to listen to the industry and, along with ourgrounds and glamping parks throughout partners, were adapting to meet your needsNorth America. You can learn more about in every way possible. ARVC at www.arvc.org. WCMCALENDAR OF EVENTSFEBRUARY Stevens Point, Wisc. Contact: 608-525-2327 20-24: National School of RV Park and Campground Management17-19: Northeast CampgroundMyrtle Beach, S.C.Associations Conference onContact: arvc.org/National-School- Camping & Trade Show of-RV-Parks-and-Campground-Southbridge Hotel & Conference ManagementCenter Southbridge, Mass. ADVERTISERS INDEX Feb. 28-March 2: Mid-Atlantic Contact: 860-684-6389 Conference AdvertiserPage #AdvertiserPage # Orlando, Fla.28-30: Virginia CampgroundContact: 609-545-0145Associations Annual Meeting Access Parks.27Lancaster Log Cabins18Meadow Event CenterApplebrook RV Parks.8Montana Canvas20MARCHDoswell, Va. B&B Electrical29MySites.4Contact: 703-291-0657 Business Finance Depot.14Outstanding Tent142-4: Missouri Association of RV Parks The Campground Marketplace25Pacific Yurts6and Campgrounds Annual MeetingAPRIL Cell-Tek33Pelland Advertising30Oasis Hotel and Convention Center CheckBox Systems13Phelps Honey Wagon.28Springfield, Mo. 1: Maine Campground OwnersCommercial Recreation Specialists.2Pilot Rock/RJ Thomas Mfg.10Contact: 573-337-0543Association Trade Show & Annual Conestoga Wagon Co22PlainsCraft.19Meeting Delta Treatment Systems21Polly Products24 Doty & Sons Concrete24Skyweb.154-5: Ohio Campground OwnersNorway Savings Bank ArenaEaton.18Staylist Pro11Association Spring Conference Auburn, Maine Fluid Mfg. Inc.4Tengo Internet9& Trade ShowContact: 207-782-5874 Gama Sonic12&28Tower Company1&19Embassy Suites Columbus Airport Great American Direct26TPB Management 33Columbus, Ohio11-12: Louisiana Association ofHialeah Meter.2Utility Supply Group/Platt.5&84Contact: 614-221-7748RV Parks and Campgrounds Annual Hughes Autoformers8Wilcor23Conference Imperial Industries .24Woodford Mfg. Co.3116-20: Wisconsin Association ofCoushatta Casino Resort/Red Shoes Kay Park Recreation.3Workamper News32Campground Owners Convention RV Park & Chalets Kampgrounds of America/KOA.7YESYour Electrical Solutions.32& Trade ShowKinder, La.Kropf Industries.2Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention CenterContact: 225-752-1455 WCMWOODALLSCM.comFebruary 2022 35'