b"MODERN MARKETINGDive Deeper into Pinterest: Part 2If Pinterest is (or is going to be) in your social media platform portfolio, it only makes sense to take advantage of tips and tools to help you optimize your presence. In an earlier column, we discussed Pinterest-specific terminology,Evanne strategies and best practices. Thats a great start but theres more. SchmarderYou might be surprised to learn thatfrom Facebooks algorithmic approach. strategies and best practices. Thats ato-usePinterest Trendspage. Typea Pinterest is the fourth most used socialPerhaps youve evaluated your targetgreat start but theres more. common term into the search bar and media site in the United States, follow- market and found it to mirror PinterestsHashtagsandKeywords:Youareyoull be presented with a search vol-ing the big three, YouTube, Facebookuserdemographics:Millennialandmost likely familiar with hashtags andume graph and an opportunity to see and Instagram. However, looking at ac- oldergenerationsofmostlywomen,keywords. Like many other online prop- pins relating to that trend.tual user visits (the number of onlinemanyofthemmoms,nearlyequalerties and social media platforms, theseYoucanalsobrowsethepagefor sessions) to these platforms paints a dif- wheretheylive(rural,suburban,apply on Pinterest. Refer to your key- what they call surging trends this week ferent picture. Facebook continues itsurban), searching for ideas, and beingword/term universe (you do have a listor general trends in some of the more reign, claiming nearly 72% of U.S. socialinspiredbypinswithalifespanofof keywords and terms you use for SEOpopular categories. media visits but Pinterest ranks second,months, even a year. And that is prettypurposes, right?), study your competi- AnotherusefulresourcePinterest a far second but still No. 2, at 12.4%.sensational considering an Instagramtionandreviewyouranalytics.Usebusiness users can take advantage of is Even if those figures dont wow you, di- posts 48 hours or a Facebook posts fivethese words to optimize your content intheir blog-ish page called The Point, In-versity is important. Establishing multi- to six-hour duration. your board and pin descriptions, as wellsights for whats next. Of particular, rel-ple outlets to reach your ideal audienceas for hashtags.evantandcurrentinterest,their might consume resources, but theresYoure InRichPins:BecauseitsunlikelyOctober 2021 post, GoingSomewhere? no question that its smart modern mar- If Pinterest is (or is going to be) in(though not impossible) you offer siteHelp travelers decide on their next trip, keting.Therelativelylowuptakebyyour social media platform portfolio, itbooking on your social media channels,is full of valuable observations for park marketers(apaltry28%worldwide)only makes sense to take advantage oflinking back to your website is essential.owners and operators. makes it easier for those businesses thattips and tools to help you optimize yourThis can be accomplished in severalFor those of us who like to plan, youd doparticipateonPinteresttoreachpresence. In an earlier column, we dis- ways. Unlike Instagram, you can addbe hard-pressed to find a better forward-theiraudience,amarkeddifferencecussed Pinterest-specific terminology,your website address to every pin youlooking social media trend report than post as well as your board and businessPinterest Predicts. Pinterest believes that descriptions. However, if you pin blogit can accurately project whats next. A posts, recipes or products, apply for andblurb on their Pinterest Predicts 2022 re-create Rich Pins, SEO-driven pins thatport boasts, 8 out of 10 of our predic-help you brand your content, make ittionsfor2021cametrue.Thisisn't moresearchable,automaticallysyncanother year-end trend report. This is a and update it when you make changes,not-yet-trending reporta window into and drive traffic back to your site. Un- the future, from the place where people less youre a whiz webmaster, ask yourgo to plan it. The categories this year are web team for help.fascinating and relevant to what we do. WidgetsandButtons:PinterestsFrom Kidding Around (crafts and cre-widgetsandbuttons,a.k.a.add-ons,ativity for more than the kiddos) to Ce-make it easy for your site visitors to sharelestialCelebrations,Barkitecture,and your content. There are five distinct add- Cuppa Time for those that have an eating ons offered. The Save button lets site vis- establishment, its well worth a read.itors save an image from your website to their Pinterest boards with a single click.Might Be a Match The Follow button shows your pins andIf you are interested in a digital mar-allows them to follow you by clicking.keting platform to supplement your web-The Pin, Board and Profile widgets allowsite and Facebook presence, Pinterest, you to display the corresponding con- done well, could deliver your outdoor tent on your website. hospitality business to a more targeted Pinterestofferswidgetandbuttonaudience. One thats looking to book. And building tools on their site. They are easyafter all that planning, posting, and track-tocreateandinstallbutagain,ifitsing, that is the desired result. something youre not comfortable with, ask your web team for help. Dont missWant to know more about market-out on these familiar and free tools. Useing your RV park or campground on-one or use them all. Theres no downside. line? Evanne Schmarder, principal Advertising: Building brand awareness,and founder of the RV industry-spe-driving website traffic or promoting a par- cificdigitalmarketingfirmRoad-ticular time of year via Pinterest advertis- abode Production, has a new book to ing has the potential to be more effectivehelp you do just that. Marketing Your than other social media platform spend- RVPark/CampgroundOnlineis ing.Why?Only3%ofsearchesareavailable as an e-book at your fa-branded. That means that 97% of searchesvorite online bookseller or in print at are for generic but specific terms, notAmazon.com.WCMbrand names. Like all Pinterest content, ads are visual, designed to inspire and spur action. If you have a social media ad-vertising budget, look into what they have to offer. Theres even an opportunity for a complimentary ad consultation with a Pinterest ad expert if you qualify. Whats Hot Its safe to say that Pinterest, at any givenmoment,hasitsfingeronthe pulse of current and emerging trends. And thats good news for business own-ers. You can access U.S. Pinterest trends at any given time by visiting their easy-8 February 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"