b"Water Rec. Products Boost Revenue as COVID Effects Continue to Linger S Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) touched bases recently.nBY RON BARGERuppliers of pool and aquatic products are thriving as the post COVID effects linger, according to many of the com-panies with whom Lauren Christensen, account manager and marketing representative for Duragrid, a water shedding flow-though matting provider, described a great business environment. COVID has put us through the roof, she explained. We are fully stocked and fulfilling orders as they come in. We had a record year in 2021, said George M. Fischer, president and owner of AquaShield Products LLC, which produces its Slide Renu formula. Projects postponed due to COVID were reinstated in 2021 with many now spilling over into 2022. Also, the cruise lines have started to purchase maintenance products again. Our hottest sellers include water slide protectants, gloss, liquid wax, calcium removers and protective coatings.As we begin the 2022 season, Emerald FX is busier than ever before, said Holly DeCaro, who is co-owner along with being the sales and marketing manager for the company. The splash pad and splash pool industry is booming now. A lot of campground owners are adding these amenities for their guests, and we are excited to be a part of that experience.Our business has returned to pre-pandemic levels, thank goodness, exclaimed Harry Brigham, owner of Baltimore Md.-based CORCL, makers of recreational wa-tercraft for pools and parks. Since our boats and accessories are all made in the U.S., we do not have, nor foresee supply chain problems.Following is a list of key suppliers in the water recreation sector compiled by WCM. CORCL CORCL is the producer of two, unique youth-oriented watercraft targeted to campgrounds with waterfronts, lakes or ponds.We carry two boats, said Brigham. We sell the CORCL and the WGWAG. They botharesellingverywell.Kidsjustlove them.The CORCL is the companys original product and is now available in over 500 campgrounds and summer camps coast-to-coast and is designed specifically for ages 7 to 15. It is for little paddlers to spin, raceandjustmessaroundon,noted Brigham.It has a capacity of 160 pounds and in-cludes ergonomic handles and a double-walledpolyethyleneplasticdesignfor rugged use. A foam deck pad insert is inside for comfort and traction. A double-looped tether line/paddle leash is included for secu-rity. The CORCL is stackable for storage and can be cabled and locked.The CORCL has a 47-inch diameter and an MSRP of $379, with bulk purchases available.The WGWAG is designed for users aged 10 and up. It allows the pilot to sit, kneel, stand and then shift weight side to side on the deck with the submerged fins pro-pelling it forward. No paddle needed.The WGWAG is both great exercise and fun according to Brigham; pump your right foot and the boat turns to the left. Pump your left foot and the boat turns to the right. The WGWAG is good exercise. It's like a light Stairmaster workout on the water. A tether rope is included to help balance. The fins come with a three-year warranty and are removable to allow for stacking in the off-season. The watercraft weighs 45 pounds with an MSRP of $449.www.corcl.com855-932-6725Emerald FX Norwalk, Ohio-based Emerald FX, is the self-proclaimed Home of the Soak Fac-tory, one of the most popular splash pads ever built, noted DeCaro.The company claims 150 years of experience in fiber-glass product fabrication, Featuring hundreds of theming,conceptualand graphic design. It not only businesses that provide sells,butalsobuildsand services its water parks. The everything from insurance to company says it is one of theoldestmanufacturers furniture, electrical and more, andinnovatorsofwater park, amusement, graphic WCMs 2022 Business Directory andindustrialfiberglass products. is a great resource to The Drench Deck is currently the companys hottest seller in the Under the Sea model. find the products and We have been selling a ton of the of Drench Deck Splash Ground Systems, said DeCaro. These are our all-in-one splash ground and mechanical systems. In all hon-services you need. esty, they are the most budget-friendly splash grounds on the market today.She does not see the trend toward splash grounds and splash pads slowing down anytime soon. Get your copy today! We are pretty much booked solid for 2022, so we are looking into 2023 now, she shared. That is pretty much how it is across the board in this industry. If camp-https://woodallscm.com/flipbook/wcm_2022_directory/ ground owners are thinking of adding a splash pad or splash pool to their park, it is Water Rec. Products continued on page2016 March 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine"