b'Evacueesfrom page 13 ciation in your state to let them know aboutthereforyourevacuees.TheyaregoingFire, which started in early December 2017 your situation and to see if they can help inthrough insanely stressful and unknowing cir- and became one of the most destructive wild-to produce a report: Identify yourself as aany way: I cant say enough about howcumstances. Try to give them a break from itfires in California history. But Jamison said manager immediately and ask what the storymuch the CampCalNOW RV Park and Camp- by taking their kids on train rides, hostingthe fire took place during the shoulder season will be focusing on, Simoneau said. If ratesground Alliance did for us in our scenario.extra movie nights, doing free ice cream so- when Pismo Coast Village was easily able to are discussed at all, then insist on showingWhen one story spun the wrong direction forcials and arranging meals with local foodaccommodate evacuees. them your rates and discounts offered. Oth- us, CampCalNow President Dyana Kelleybanks for them. Buy them a meal or two ifA lot of them were coming just to get out erwise, evacuees might unintentionally stir upimmediately got on the phone with us to fig- you have the circumstances to do such aof the smoke. They hadnt necessarily lost confusion with regard to rates and this couldure out how to best support our situation. Shething. Facilitate their needs and embrace themtheir homes, Jamison said, adding that the create all kinds of issues for you.sprang into action bringing in an affiliate newslike a family. In the end, youll value the timepark provided 72 sites for Thomas Fire evac-Join and be active on any county Face- station they work with to do an awesomeyou spent with them and never regret it.uees.book groups as well as any new groups thatstory on our campground and to interviewJay Jamison, general manager of PismoJamisonsaiditsveryworthwhilefor are associated with the current disaster sit- some of the evacuees. The organization alsoCoast Village RV Resort in Pismo Beach,parks to be able to help evacuees in their time uation: The more front and center you arewrote articles for us in WCM and other newsCalif., said that most evacuees will be veryof need. There are always people that will showing support to your community, the lessoutlets and supported us with social mediagrateful for any support that campgroundstake advantage of you if you allow them, likely there will be misunderstandings and thepostings, just as they had done for camp- can provide to them during a wildfire or otherJamison said. But our experience with evac-more local support you will generate, Si- groundsthroughoutthepandemicshut- type of disaster. uees has been very positive. Many of them moneau said. By doing this you can quicklydowns.Pismo Coast Village provided 710 freecame by often to thank us and brought cook-correct any misinformation going around andBe prepared to work very long, exhaust- camper nights to evacuees of the Thomasies for our staff. WCMyour community will back you if they see thating but rewarding hours: Evacuees were you are strongly supporting those affectedsome of the best guests we have ever had (by the disaster). Remember that hostinghere, Simoneau said. In fact, we even hired evacuees can be a very sensitive thing to nav- one. Beyond this, he said, You need to be igate. In these modern days of social media, you need to be very self-aware and cautious about how each aspect of the situation is being handled.Reach out to your allies in the media to correct misinformation: We had a lifesaver of a situation when our story got spun in the wrong direction by a local news station who didnt do their homework, Simoneau said. We were lucky to have a local news journal-ist/anchor from an honest station who stays at our park regularly and who knows our fam-ily well enough to speak out in defense of us setting the story straight. His social power was so dominating it flipped the script in an instant. Contact other park operators you know who have experience dealing with evac-uees.Jay JamisonContact the appropriate camping asso-WOODALLSCM.comMarch 2022 23'