b'SMART OPERATIONSGrowing Along with Other Local BusinessesThe growing appeal of a destination tourism area that did not even exist 50 years ago is a remarkable testimony of how nearbyPeterbusinesses can complement and capitalize upon one another. PellandSmall business owners often ask mebe incredibly profitable. To make SouthYankee Candle, promoting an all-naturaltheyarehelpfulwaysofgenerating how they can get to the top of the searchDeerfield a destination for motorcoachbeeswax candle company up the road inawareness for those businesses, but it results on Google or how they can reallytours would be even more profitable.Greenfield. That is brilliant marketing,takes far more than awareness to really tap into the social media hysteria. WhatThe latest business to move into theand the sign costs next to nothing.build a synergy between your park and they seem to forget is that small busi- area is the new South Deerfield locationYour Business Should Capitalizenearby businesses. It requires a personal nesses managed to succeed very nicelyof Tree House Brewing Company, unde- Upon Nearby Attractionsapproachandcommitmenttotake back in the days when Silicon Valley ex- niably one of the best craft breweries inGet friendly with local businesses. Youthings a step further. ecutives were still playing in sandboxesthe United States. Occupying a 100,000 - are probably already promoting severalCreate a Referral Program and sucking on binkies. Although mar- square-foot facility on a 40-acre campusonanearbyattractionspageofyourOffer local businesses an opportunity keting has certainly changed over time,of a former booklet manufacturing com- website or in a printed guest guide. Askto reach your campers in exchange for there are basics that will always apply.pany, Tree House has historically drawnthemhowyoucanworktogethertoofferingthosecamperssomesortof Successfulbusinessessimplythinkvisitors from not only throughout thecross-promoteyourbusinesses.Askmonetary discount or incentive. Each smarter than their competitors.United States but around the world. I re- them if they will allow you to displayoffer must have real value but may very I live not far from the flagship storemember arriving early at the brewery,your literature at their businesses. Askwell be the same sort of deal that they and world headquarters of The Yankeestarted in a small barn in Monson, Mass.,the same question to the owners of everymight already offer under other circum-Candle Company, with parking for hun- back in 2011, getting a number and wait- restaurant in town, asking them whatstances. In other words, it is a price that dredsofvehicles,opensevendaysaing in line to purchase a limit of two bot- you can do to in turn to promote theirthey are willing to pay in exchange for week. Prior to its opening 40 years ago,tles before the inventory was sold out forbusinesses. Working together can be verybringing in a new customer (or an entire thelandwhichitnowoccupieswasthe day. Soon afterward, it built a largeeffective and it costs you nothing. Offerfamily of customers). Almost any local farmland that was planted in either cornand architecturally stunning new mainto provide these businesses with a smallbusiness offering a product or service or Connecticut River Valley shade to- facility in Charlton, Mass., with upperacrylic display rack filled with your rackthat is of interest to your guests should bacco. As Yankee Candle became a majorand lower parking lots and people will- cards or brochures, making it really easybe invited to participate. A list will in-tourist draw, with its easy access from In- ing to wait in line for hours in order tofor them to accept your offer and difficultcludebut be far from limited tothe terstate 91 and the scents that I swearpurchase a maximum of two draft pours.for them to say no. Tape your businessfollowing types of businesses: they pump into the air, a number ofIt now has additional branch locationscard to the back of the display, so they RestaurantsIce Cream StandsSu-otherbusinesseswereestablishedon Cape Cod and in Connecticut.can call you if they run out of literature.permarketsFarm StandsRetail Stores nearby in order to capitalize upon theThe growing appeal of a destinationBetter yet, stop in occasionally to say Golf CoursesDriving RangesMini flow of business and to appeal to visitorstourism area that did not even exist 50hello and check on the supply. Use eachGolf CoursesIndoor and Outdoor Paint-who wanted to make South Deerfield ayears ago is a remarkable testimony ofof those opportunities to once again askballBowling CentersGo-Kart Tracksfull day trip.how nearby businesses can complementhow you can help them to promote their Skating RinksBatting CagesFishing The first of those businesses was aand capitalize upon one another. Evenbusinesses. If you are showing an inter- ChartersAmusement & Theme ParksbutterflyconservatorycalledMagicYankee Candle itself has its own craftest in helping them, they will naturally Water ParksSpeedwaysTourist At-Wings,oneofthefoundersofwhichbrewery on site, a branch location ofwant to help you.tractionsCraftBreweries Wineries camefromthetravelindustryandPowder Hollow Brewery, based in Con- How many times has a camper asked Factory ToursMusic FestivalsRV Springfield-based Peter Pan Bus Lines.necticut.Countlessotherbusinessesyou, Where would you recommend weDealershipsRV Repair CentersAuto He understood the potential of riding onhave the potential to tag along. These in- go for dinner? Just like a bulletin boardRepair CentersBoarding KennelsPet the Yankee Candle coattails. To get evenclude campgrounds, hotels, restaurants,in your office area that displays localGroomingVeterinary ServicesMovie a small percentage of the candle enthu- farm stands, brewery tour operators andbusiness cards or a display rack withTheatersMuseumsHistoric Sites siaststodrivetwo-and-a-halfmilesmuch more. Probably my favorite exam- local business brochures, you may al- Why it All Works So Perfectly north to visit a second attraction that ap- ple is the sign at the side of the road nearready be providing a de-facto referralGuesswhat?Ifyoupersuadeyour pealed to the same type of guests couldthe Interstate highway exit that leads toservice of sorts. Those make sense, andguests to patronize even a fraction of the local businesses who participate in your referral program, you may have also given them a list of good reasons to extend their stay or to return for another stay at your park. A successful program could easily create the potential for further coopera-tive ventures. Wouldnt it be nice for your park to be the official campground of thebignearbythemeparkormotor speedway? Or for your local supermarket chain to include your park in its loyalty and rewards program? Or for the local brewery and winery to run a tasting event at your park? Or for the local pet groom-ing facility to come to your park for on-site grooming days? The potential is only limited by your imagination, your belief in your business and your ability to per-suade fellow businesses to get on board.PeterPellandistheCEOof Pelland Advertising, a company that he founded in 1980 that has been serving the family camping industry for nearly 40 years. His company spe-cializes in building fully responsive websites, along with producing a full rangeoffour-colorprocessprint advertising, for clients from coast to coast.LearnmoreaboutPelland Advertising at https://pelland.com or see their ad in this issue. WCM 10 April 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'