b'plastic. Its similar to ourcurrentadultWCMs 2022 Business Directorymodel, but again, is suitableforgrade- A great resource to find the products and school children. services you need. Get your copy today! AnewTabletop Hot Plate has grownhttps://woodallscm.com/flipbook/wcm_2022_directoryin popularity and is nowcommonlyor-dered with its picnic tables.Itscheapinsur-ance, as they say, to help prevent poten-tialdamagecaused bycookingout-doors, Pung said.It prevents accidental burns and melt damage on picnic tables caused by hot pans or grills. The Hot Plate is high-heat-resistant, so pans and pokers straight off the fire wont hurt it or the surface beneath it.Polly Products also has a new Doggie Depot Pet Waste Station with a no-touch deposit that is still protected from the weather.Some park staffers have told us the Easy-Bag System handles have made servicing the units less of a chore, Pung explained.Its made from recycled HDPE plastic and uses stainless steel fasteners and hardware for protection from weather, cleaners and even pet urine. 517-649-2243www.pollyproducts.comPILOT ROCK Simonsen shared that his company was crazy busy while dealing with the difficulty of shipping and supply challenges. But his firm is still listening to customerstohelpdevelopnew products. It seems like we are always de-signingandexperimentingwith something new. Many of our modi-fications and new product concepts come to us from customers who are looking for a product or feature to address their particular need, Si-monsen explained. He said grills and campfire rings are still his biggest sellers, although priceswentupwithsteelalmost doubling in 2021. We have a new picnic table de-sign coming off the drawing board andintoproductionthisspring, said Simonsen, plus, an accessory item for benches and tables, and a couple of accessories for grills and campfire rings. 712-225-5115 www.pilotrock.com.WCMWOODALLSCM.com April 2022 27'