b'OWNERS PERSPECTIVE nBY RON BARGERAspen Acres Campground in the Colorado Rockies is at an elevation of 9,200 feet.After 2 Years, Colorados Aspen Acres Campground Continues to See GrowthInitssecondyearofoperation,at 9,200 feet is run by Doug and JenOh my gosh it was a good year,want to educate in a productive and AspenAcresCampgroundinRye,Pollackwhoarelifelongcamperssaid Jen. It was very busy, and therehelpful way how to go about camping Colo., is off to a great start.bringingupthenextgenerationofwere still a lot of newbies to campingwith your family. Thefamily-ownedcampgroundcampers with their own two daugh- who are learning how to do it. WhenShe said most people are excited to perched high in the Colorado Rockiesters.Im onsite I actually enjoy it because Ilearn because they want to know the right way and they want to fit in with other more experienced campers. But the newbies are hard when its seven oclock on a Friday night and theydontknowhowtobacktheir trailerintoourparticularcamp-ground,sheadded.Wevegota unique property on the side of the mountain,soyouvegottokindof know what youre doing. Its not flat and paved with tons of room in be-tween sites to screw up a bunch of times before you get it done. When Woodalls Campground Mag-azine (WCM) spoke to Jen in October, AspenAcres,unlikemanyofthe campgrounds in the industry, had yet to book for 2022. Doug and Jen PollackWe have not opened our reserva-tion system yet for next year, she said. But were still fully open, except for ouroutfittertentswhichwetook down. We havent had a bunch of reg-ulars.Wearejustcountingonthe reservations coming in when we open up the schedule and we are ready. Ive got a decent following on so-cial media. I have a robust email list of all of our current customers. And then on the homepage of our website, is an opt-in to our email list, Jen added. I try really hard not to abuse that list and overuse it with emails. But I will rely heavily on that as a communica-tion tool when we are ready. The campground has just 65 sites and has remained booked for almost two years. We have about 40 RV sites, she stated. We have tent sites, and we have four outfitter tents and 10 cabins. We think its a nice combination. When it comes to new amenities and business expansion, larger gath-erings and events that book most of the sites have turned her head as an income model for the park, located nearthemajormarketofPueblo, Colo. We bought an event tent, said 32 April 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'