b'SMART OPERATIONSThe Value of Following the Industry DataThese four important reports are excellent accompaniments to one another and when used collectively will provide real value to you and your business. And these four are just the tip of the icebergthereDavidare literally dozens of reports available to you in this industry. BaslerThroughouteachyeartheNa- business.Fromratesandoccu- four important reports are excellent tional Association of RV Parks andpancy to amenities and activities,accompanimentstooneanother Campgrounds (ARVC) and other in- the report has it all. and when used collectively will pro-dustryorganizations,suchasWhile the 2021 report took a closevide real value to you and your busi-KampgroundsofAmerica(KOA)look into how the COVID pandemicness. And these four are just the tip andtheRVIndustryAssociationimpacted the industry, this yearsof the icebergthere are literally (RVIA), share relevant data with thereport takes a closer look at the risedozens of reports available to you in industry in the hope of helping yourof EVs and EV-RVsespecially thethis industry. outdoor hospitality businesses bereadinessofoutdoorhospitalityThe first step in any process is to moresuccessful.Likewithmostbusinesses. We also include data ontake the first step, right? Youve got things though, it only works if youthe use of OTA/marketplaces, prox- to go download these reports. Read take action.imity to state and federal landmarksthem. Use them to your advantage. ARVC exists to help you succeedand the impact those destinationsI guarantee you the most successful and a big part of that is following in- have on profits of private outdoorbusinesses in our industry are doing dustrytrendsandtranslatingthehospitality businesses as well as thejust that. They are staying on top of data into digestible reports you canimpact staffing issues have had ontrends and taking action by making use to make sound business deci- our industry.smartbusinessdecisionsusing sions. Whether you have owned orThe Trends and Insights Report issolid data. operated your business for decades,filled with data that can be used byARVC makes taking action easy. If or youre new to the industry and2022versionofwhichrecentlyitself for sure, but I always recom- yourealreadyanARVCmember, are looking to buy or build, the datalaunched with a PDF download andmendusingthisdataalongwithyou can access these and more than youneedtosucceedisoutthereadeep-divewebinar.Eachyearotherreportstheindustryoffers.a dozen other reports on arvc.org. If and easy to find.ARVC surveys outdoor hospitalityRVIAissuesitsRV-ownerdemo- yourenotanARVCmemberyet, Take, for example, ARVCs annualowners and operators on all thingsgraphic report and KOA shares itswhy not? The value you get from TrendsandInsightsReporttherelevanttorunningasuccessfulNorthAmericanCampingReportthese reports alone more than pays every year, both of which survey thefor your annual dues. camping consumer on trends andTo access these reports through interests that every outdoor hospi- ARVC, simply visit arvc.org to log talitybusinessowner/operatorinto your member portal and then should be following closely. visit the ARVC Resource Library to Now, ARVC also has a report thatdownload. Youll also be able to ac-digs deep into consumer sentimentcess recordings of deep-dive webi- the Generational Camping Report.nars and panel discussions on the The 2021 version of this report wasTrends and Insights Report and the sponsored by RMS North AmericaGenerationalCampingReport.If andlaunchedatOHCE2021inyouneedhelp,donthesitateto Raleigh,withanaccompanyingreachouttoourteamat panel discussion. info@arvc.org or chat with ARVC in This new report also surveys thereal time online at arvc.org. camping consumer and focuses onWant to join the National ARVC howtheymakedecisionswhencommunity so you can access the planning a trip and making reserva- entire treasure trove of resources on tions,andwhattheylookforre- the ARVC Resource Library for free? gardingoverallexperienceARVC makes that easy, too! Just give including amenities and activities.ARVC a call at 303-681-0401 or email LookingatavarietyofmetricsARVC at membership@arvc.org through the eyes of different gener-ations, you are able to get a clearDavid Basler is the vice president pictureoftodayscampingcon- ofmembershipandmarketingat sumer.the National Association of RV Parks Ever wonder how much the aver- and Campgrounds.WCMage family of four spends in your local community when staying with you? So did we. So, we asked. The result is a number that will knock your socks off, as well as the socks of your local officials. If someone was to question the value of your business to the local economy, sim-ply sharing what the average family of four spends per day will, without a doubt, turn heads in your local zoning board meeting.My point is thisyou can use this data in many different ways. These 34 April 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'