b"MODERN MARKETINGWhats Your Story? Storytelling is Content MarketingMakeyourlifeeasierbytakingthetimetodevelopcontent,your stories, in one sitting. This might be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. However best serves you. While its not as easy as it sounds, follow- Evanne ing a few best practices can help you develop a valuable storybook. SchmarderWhetheryoureyesglazeover,This knowledge is the gateway to suc- tions and even billboard locationsto mind. Save this list to use as a fu-your head spins, or you nod emphat- cessful content marketing. along the highway. tureideafactory.Fortodayspur-ically when someone says contentForexample,certainthemedpose,cullthelist,choosingafew marketing theres really no mysteryweekends are always booked well inWriting your storybooktopics from each column that relate to it. Content marketing is, in its sim- advance; your propane sales are ro- Thereisnotamorefrustratingto the stories you want to tell right plest form, storytelling. And everybust; interest groups are popular; afeeling of knowing it is digital mar- now.Ofcourse,thisdependson good story needs an audience. pet park/play area is in demand; af- keting day and staring at an empty,where you are in your seasonal mar-The combination of the two cul- fordablestaysareyourforte. Withyawning Create Post box, unsure ofketing cycle. The content push looks minates in what the Content Mar- some thought, it is easy to expandwhat to say. Rather than always hav- verydifferentmid-seasonthanit ketingInstitute(yes,thatsarealthese topics into storiescontent,ing your post creator hat on, opt fordoes at low season.thing) defines as a strategic mar- for your audience. Dont worry aboutyour copy/paste/post hat. keting approach focused on creatingcrafting the great American novel. De- You know what your customersWhats your channel? and distributing valuable, relevant,pending on the platforms you use,want and what you are selling. TellEqually as important as your sto-and consistent content to attract andblips and blurbs are all you need.thosestories.Putthemdownonries are where you will be telling them. retain a clearly-defined audience Its not hard to imagine telling sto- paper and decide on the timing ofContent marketing stretches across a and, ultimately, to drive profitableries about a rousing summer family- each story. Is it a one-off, where youbroadhorizon.Facebookimmedi-customer action.oriented park. From choosing whichwill heavily promote a park event, anately comes to mind, but your web-Fortunately for outdoor hospital- activitiestohighlightfromyourevergreen topic that can be used, re- site, video, and email marketing are all ity, there are many stories to tell andsummer recreation schedules to col- worked, and used again? Dont forgetexcellent story-telling vehicles. Hand-a receptive audience eager to be partlecting images of a bustling pool ortent-pole topics, a single, timed hap- outs, rec schedules, and info kiosks ofthem.Isyourbusiesttimeap- ballfieldtoreportingonthesoftpeningSuperbowl is a great ex- are effective places to tell your story. proaching? Things winding down atserve flavors of the month, storiesampleandteeoffthattopicLesser considered but often paid at-your park? Do you serve those trav- from this type of park are easy pick- before, during, and after the event.tention to by your audience are reser-eling to and fro? Hot and heavy amidings. But if you operate an overnight,Think in-park tailgates, watch par- vationconfirmations,voicemail your season? Each one of these situ- easy-in/easy-outparkyoumightties, your own Puppy Bowl, etc.greetings and chatbots. Its safe to say ations is exploding with stories, errr,think your opportunities are fewer.Make your life easier by taking thethat anywhere you can get your sto-content.Yes and no. Sure, you dont have antime to develop content, your sto- ries, your message, to your guests and abundance of happenings to shareries,inonesitting. Thismightbeprospects is an ideal place for content Hearts and mindsbut what you do have is of utmostweekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. How- marketing. Each piece of your story, Im betting that you know your au- importance to your guests. You canever best serves you. While its not aseach piece of content should take the dience and what they expect whentalk about what services your parkeasy as it sounds, following a fewshape of its outlet. stayingatyourproperty.Whetheroffers. These might include propane,best practices can help you developAdd these on- and offline platforms you've created customer avatars ora tire-filling station, convenient fuel,a valuable storybook.to your storybook, keeping in mind not, you are very familiar with whatnearby restaurants, a well-stockedBegin by creating three differentthat your theme week promotions will they love to do and what they dislike,onsitemarket,yourstorewithcolumns: evergreen, time-sensitivelook different for your voicemail or how they want to spend their timemostlynecessitiesandafewand tent-pole. Brainstorm topics foremail autoresponder than they will with you, and even their travel habits.niceties, site types, pricing promo- each column. Jot down what comesfor your Facebook posts. Now that you have story concepts, frequencyparameters,andplat-forms in mind, its time to do the heavy lifting, creating the content. Create a separate page for each col-umn, identify the stories, dates, and platformsforeachandstart noodling with what youd like to say. Getitinwriting,tightenupyour message, and schedule it to launch. Start here, start todayYouve given plenty of thought to your audience, your story, and the platforms that best connect the two. The modern marketer sees the work involved as an investment in your business. Crafting an engaging story to share and placing it where it will be seen is marketing 101. Its nothing morethandevelopingaplanand putting it into motion.By incorporating this exercise into your regular marketing review, youll find not only relief for yourself but inspiration for both you and your guests. Once upon a time is today. Whats your story?Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.comWCM10 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"