b'make it fully functional withis that you get everything. Theres no kind of tiered layers of picking and choosing almost anything that a camp- what you want; its all there for you. ground owner could poten- Online cancellation is one of the newer features that Campspot has added.tially want.It allows campers to cancel their reservations online, and of course park own-The company has also con- ers, if they decide to use it, can set their policies and allow guests to do that, tinued to expand its add-onCochran explained. It is about creating tools that allow park owners to spend less capabilities,givingcamperstime on the phone. more chances to add-on cer- Campspot is also almost wrapped up with online travel agency (OTA) integra-tain items or options at thetion with both Booking.com and Expedia, two of the largest OTAs and expects to time they make a reservation. launch with Airbnb soon.We are making sure thoseWeve kind of been the last holdout for that, Cochran highlighted. We were features are all seamlessly in- really laser focused on creating a marketplace specifically for the camping indus-tegrated, Dodds explained. try that traditionally these sites just dont handle well. They dont take into account Anotherkeyfocushassize and slideouts, and other things that are very relevant and important to camp-been on dynamic pricing, with more Astra customers looking for tools to help makegrounds. Now were excited to add this, which does make a lot of sense for parks revenue management easier. that are competing in the lodging space with hotels and places like that and want It hasnt been widely adopted yet, but what we have can be used by any type ofto get that added exposure. The company is also working on its internal booking park, Dodds noted. application programming interface (API.)Astra also has introduced e-waiver, housekeeping and other tools over the pastA lot of these multi-park owners want to keep everything internal and be able year in an effort to meet the needs of its customers. to search through all of their properties, Cochran highlighted. If one property We have some things we are excited to be rolling out over the next few monthsdoesnt have something, they want to show campers that this one does. Thats a that I cant talk about yet, said Dodds. The new features we feel are going to justproduct that weve created as well. increase the usability of our system.Campspot is also releasing a direct data feed to its customers that will allow 800-547-9147www.astraparks.comusers to have access to even more reporting.This is for groups, usually youre looking at multi-park groups, that want to have basically a direct feed into high volumes of data that would kind of fall out-side of a standard report, Cochran highlighted. Weve built the data warehouse for those groups to be able to access that type of high-volume data, which is really exciting for those teams that have their different financial analysis. 616-226-5514https://software.campspot.com CampLife Things are going well, Duffy told WCM. Right now, the company is working on an activities feature that it hopes to re-lease by the end of April. It is a way for park owners to sell tickets and manage activities, Duffy high-lighted. Some parks like to sell tickets to a barbecue dinner or for renting equip-ment, and this feature will make it easier for them to do that.Duffy noted that COVID has accelerated how park owners are taking advantageCampWorks of the digital tools that reservation systems provide. Keith Johnson, owner of CampWorks, said that his company is steadily Looking forward, Duffy explained that the company is going to continue fo- growing.cusing on its online reservations experience. We may try to do some things to accelerate a little bit more We want to improve that process and our online reservations site, he noted. this year, but generally its just all heading in the right direction, On the dynamic pricing side, Duffy feels that more of his clients will begin usinghe told WCM.that down the road. Traditionally, a Windows-based software that was accessible re-Right now, I think owners are concerned about change and the training aspectmotely through a park owners computer, Johnson said that the of it can be a little challenging, he explained. You have to train employees howcompany has now developed a web-based product too. to answer the phone and how to answer questions when it comes to rates, becauseWe constantly are getting feedback, or working with our cus-they are no longer just one price. You have to ask for dates and let the customertomers to get feedback, and adding, and changing, and doing lit-know that the rates may change based on occupancy levels if they decide to waittle things here and there, he explained. We have users now thatKeith Johnsonon booking a site.are running it as a complete cloud-based system, so they can access it from any-www.getcamplife.comwhere. Its a nice alternative to have.If we have clients that want to be more private in nature or do not have good internet connections, they can still use it as a Windows-based installed software program and networked throughout all of their systems, Johnson added. Or if they want to be able to have it as a web-based system, we essentially can deploy it that way. Its not a scaled-down version. Its the full-blown 25 years of develop-ment software system that theyre able to get via the cloud. 320-300-4157www.viswrks.com/CampWorks/Digital Rez Cant breathe, is the first thing that Thom Gibb, chairman of Digital Rez, said to WCM when asked about how business is doing in 2022. It has been so busy.He noted that campers really enjoy the ease of use that comes with the Digital Rez software.They like the fact that they can actually log in, look at their ac-counts and see their past reservations, Gibb said. On the owner side, our clients like that our system is 100% customizable. We Campspotdont just hand over templates. We walk you through on how to Cochran said that Campspot is currently working with around 1,600create your own flavor for your business. As we dive into more de-parks, with more than 300 that are working through the onboarding processtails of what we offer, then they begin to realize how we can helpThom Gibbas the company continues to grow. their business more. They can use it for more than just taking reservations.We work with parks of all shapes and sizes, from large to small, short-term toGibb highlighted the companys review module that allows park owners to au-long-term, he explained. One of the nice things that weve set up with Campspottomatically solicit a review from a guest that has stayed at a property. The com-WOODALLSCM.comMay 2022 17'