b'Bradly Adams, the founder of Firefly software. We have had 100 new clients sign up with us over the last year as well. Besides operating Firefly, Adams also owns Panhandle Lodging in Canyon, Texas. A 41-site park that has grown from 10 sites.That is why I started Firefly, because I wanted something that could take some of the workload off me, he explained.The company recently added the ability to pass processing fees onto campers. That was something that a lot of our customers requested be- Bradley Adamscause they wanted to put in a custom fee structure, Adams said. They can have different rules based on an offline payment or a credit card or a bank transfer or, whatever. Firefly also added Lot Fee rules, which makes lot fees a little more dynamic and customizable, according to Adams.You can charge different lot fees depending on the type of reservation, the length of the reservation and those sorts of things, he noted.Advanced accounting features are something that Adams plans to focus on in the year ahead.That is something that our larger customers are asking for, he said.844-920-1120www.fireflyreservations.com LiveRez LiveRez has added a few clients since the beginning of the year and has been pany also has a similar program for surveys. working to expand its internal connections to several OTAs, according to Jessica It is just a way for people to drive up reviews and get more feedback fromSinger, director of partner de-campers, he said. velopment at the company.There is also a feature that allows park owners to set up promotions throughoutWe are wrapping up a cou-the year. pleofnewconnectionsthat It allows a parks staff to know the different promotions that are going on andwill be attractive to park own-allows you to keep track of special weekends and more, said Gibbs. ers, she explained.800-811-5988www.digitalrez.comwww.rezexpert.comThe company offers website development services to parks that need a new or better web-site, and Singer said the com-panysexperienceinthe hospitality industry is a big rea-son why clients come to them.Singer said that LiveRez was seeing an increase in reserva-tions, like most othercompa-nies.We are also seeingan equal increase in new campground owners, she noted. I think that is some-thing that current park owners are going to want to keep an eye on, because these new owners are bringing some innovative ideas FireflyJessica Singer to the industry and current park owners are going to want to stay Firefly has been humming along as reservation numbers have jumped over theon top of those as well. past year. Theyre coming in with full-blown revenue management, Singer explained. Weve had four times as many reservations so far this year, over last year, saidThat is something that scares some owners in this industry, but it is something I think they are going to have to adapt too. These new owners are starting off with all of this functionality and they are coming in ahead of the curve on the marketing and revenue side and that will give them advantages down the road.https://liverez.comMySites Launchedabouttwoyearsago, MySites has continued its growth tra-jectory with about 300 parks now part of the reservation/park management system, according to McGuinn.We have been seeing a ton of inter-est in the platform, he explained to WCM. We have been picking up some clientsfromotherprovidersthat havent met expectations.McGuinn noted that the company is continually adding to its platform, in-cluding a recently released feature that manages hourly rentals. Other features that the software offers includes online reservation cancellations and a waitlist feature.Wehavecalendaroptimization, thatisprettystandard,McGuinn noted. The big thing with us, that sep-arates us from a lot of other systems, is thatwehavemanycustomizations. Our platform is very malleable.We have custom reports, and we do certain other customizations that owners need, he added. I think thats 18 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'