b'seen demand for campsites shoot up.I think the younger generation is used to that model more, and I dont feel owners have to worry as much about their campers getting angry over the differ-ence in pricing, he explained.Fagan said that he has been hearing from more owners who are looking to in-tegrate electrical meter readers in with their management software.They want to find a way to automate that instead of having to walk around the park, he explained. And as more owners look at charging for electricity due to EVs, I think we are going to see even more of that.310-855-3773www.newbook.cloudwhat makes us a little bit different than other systems. Our cost is also very low. We charge $3 for each reservation, but we dont charge invoice fees. Along with the reservations system, MySites also offers a custom-made map regardless of whether you are an SPI customer. Customers also get a 50% discount on website design and development services. We cut our prices in half for them because we want to promote them, McGuinn explained. We also advertise for them. We give them IP targeted banner displays on mobilerving.com, which refers a tremendous amount of business to our customers. But we dont charge for that, some platforms will take 10% or something like that. Our referrals are free, we dont charge for our referrals. 800-832-3292www.bookmysites.com ResNexus ResNexus continues to do amazing, according to Nathan Mayfield, president NewBookof the company.Fagan noted that NewBook hasWe have just been seeing phenomenal growth and have really been able to ex-been expanding its sales, supportpand our team here recently, he said. We are just firing on all and onboarding teams in the U.S. ascylinders. business has continued to climb. Mayfield pointed out some new connections with OTAs like OntopofworkingtogrowitsThe Dyrt and Spot2Nite.presence,thecompanyhasalsoThe OTAs for the most part havent noticed parks until COVID beenaddingmorefeaturestoitshit, he said. Now they are getting noticed more than ever. I see software in an effort to meet thesome of the same things I saw in the bed and breakfast industry needs of its customers. It recently10 years ago, which is niche ones are formed while you are waiting added a waitlist feature, and now al- for the big ones to show up. lows campers to book by RV typeI foresee the trend will see the shift from No, I dont want toNathan Mayfieldversus just putting in the length ofpay for that versus This is the way that you get found, Mayfield added. The their unit. OTAs are good for new guests, but they are never good for return guests. You use I think were just continuing tothem as a tool to get that new guest because they trust those OTAs to find the lo-reallyintegratewithsomeofthecation. They have the brand recognition and the brand loyalty. A lot of times it other vendors out there in the mar- will still result in more direct bookings, but you wont be able to get away from ketplace,likelicenseplateandpaying some commissions. Once a parks competitors start doing it, I think you meter readers, and more, Fagan ex- will see more parks jump on board to keep up. plained. Trying to automate a lot ofOn the feature side, ResNexus has added text messaging capabilities along with those manual processes that peoplecontactless check-in.are doing on site.It allows the guest to check-in using their phone, tablet or other device, ex-Onthedynamicpricingfront,plained Mayfield. You can upsell items, the guests can extend their stay, make Fagan said he thinks more park owners are taking the jump because they havepayments and even add other guests, all from their devices. This allows any device to operate as a kiosk.The company is also integrating with Inex Tech to open gates with the reading of a vehicles license plate.It will coordinate and scan the guests license plate number and automatically lift up the gate or lower the gate during their stay, Mayfield highlighted.385-218-2637www.resnexus.com RMS RMS has seen an increase in business across the board as 2022 marches on, ac-cording to Adelle Rodriguez, senior director of marketing for the company.We have really been focused on some of our core industries, she explained. Rodriguez noted that the company has begun to see a generational shift with younger park owners taking over.We are seeing a lot of kids taking over their family businesses and they are a little bit more tech native, she said. They are looking for tools that are going to help them streamline and gives them data insight. 20 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'