b'Rodriguez explained that owners are looking for tools that also allow them to onboard new staff members in an easier fashion.Theyre looking for tools to help make it easier to bring on those new staff members, but also to best utilize the small staff that they do have, she said.Some of the recent features that RMS has added to its system include Guest Portal Photo Uploading, Booking Chart Text View Options, Reservation-Level At-tribute Filtering, Point of Sale Chargeback Features and Group Allotment Release Options.By the end of 2022 we want to have launched five to 10 more features that solve pain points for park owners, explained Rodriguez. If we can make life easier for people, if we can help automate things and continue to do that, to me, thats a win. 858-427-1200 ext. 1www.rmsnorthamerica.comRoverpass Senecal told WCM that so far 2022 has been an excellent year.We have been in business for almost a decade, which is a pretty big deal for us, she explained. In general, we are seeing more parks being built and that in turn has led to more reserva-tionsonoursite.Wehave doubled the number of book-ings that we are seeing comeI have quite a few requests for new features, and interest in our existing through our system. features, for not only taking online reservations and managing reservations, Thecompanyalsobut everything else that a park does, he noted. Point-of-sale activities, house-launched in Canada this pastkeeping, general management of the campground, timecards, time sheets and year and Senecal noted thatthings like that. they are adding more camp- Chism noted that the company has been focusing on customer requests and grounds while gaining a largerit works through a large backlog of feature updates.foothold on the market. I think our goals for this year include focusing on what our customer wants Part of that growth includesand I want to make sure that our software doesnt impede their growth, he said. adding more features to the855-522-4369www.premiercampground.com system.In terms of features, lastStaylist year we launched a long-termKnoxville,Tenn.-headquartered bookingsfeature,whichin- Staylist has seen business pick up cludes invoicing tools to makesignificantly since the COVID crisis sure payments are being donebegan, according to Jeff Reed, owner correctly,Senecalhigh- of the company.lighted. We also just launched our channel management component which isNormally, we would be traveling basically to help park owners remain visible in a number of different locations.to conferences this time of year, but TheycanfeaturetheirinformationonanumberofdifferentOTAs,likewe have too much work to do back Booking.com, and they can manage those listings all from one dashboard, easingat the offices, he explained.concerns about double bookings and other issues. Reed said that as parks begin to The company also recently launched a ticketing system that allows park ownersfill up, park owners are looking for to sell or manage event and day passes. tools to make their work more effi-Weve been noticing campground owners are also starting to purchase multi- cient.ple parks, Senecal explained. Theyre kind of expanding laterally to other parksTheyrewantingtomaketheir in the area, and as you take on a new park you begin to look at tools to help youprocessesmoreefficientandget manage all of your businesses. more serious on what software can 512-643-3387www.roverpass.comdo for them, to efficiently manage their sites and to make it easier for Stainless Software, Inc. gueststodothingsondemand, Stainless Software Inc. is a provider of campground reservation software withwithout always having to come into a full-featured customer portal called Premier Campground Management.the check-in office, he explained. Billy Chism, president of Stainless Software, told WCM that things have re- Thatswhatwevebeenfocusing mained pretty steady for the company. on, is letting guests have their own login or their own portal, where they canpaytheirbalanceandcheck themselvesin.Someofthemgo straight to their site when they get there, they dont even go to the of-fice. They get their map and every-thing in digital form and even do an e-signature and sign off on liability waivers. More park owners are also taking advantage of the companys revenue optimization tools.It enables them to increase rates basedondifferentfactors,Reed said. We have the ability for park owners to see how much dynamic pricing has made for them and on the flip side, how much it could have boosted revenue if they had used it.The company is also getting ready tolaunchaguestportalforfood, beverages and other products.It will allow guest to order prod-ucts right from their device and get it delivered right to their site, Reed noted.614-354-9891www.staylist.comWebRezPro Based in Canada, the recovery has been a little slower for WebRezPro, Reservation Softwarecontinued on page2422 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine'