b"Gas Pricesfrom page 14 ground. As time goes on, we are a little con- located within a relatively short distance ofthe variable that caused cancellations at our cerned with the impact of inflation in gen- the DFW Metroplex, we feel that potentialresorts.Laulandcontrollable costs of busi- eral.RyanMcPeek,ownerofthecustomers may give us a second look as an ness expenses to the up- CoshoctonKOAHolidayinCoshocton,option to still be able to take a vacation andI have had no cancellations at all. In coming season, as ratesOhiosave money on travel costs.Marciefact, our booking pace is at record high and have already been set andPurviance,events/operationsmarketingin our Florida parks people are booking for reservations made. But dueHorizonmanagesamanager at the North Texas Jellystone Parkthe 2023 and 2024 seasons.Harpaz to the strong desire of thewide variety of outdoor camping consumer to stillhospitality assets nation- Campers tend to stayWe have begun to receive a few cancel-go camping, we are notally, which allows us acloser to home when gaslations from those who are further away, but concernedaboutfillingunique perspective on theprices are high. Our tar- we have not received as many cancellations Billie McNamara sites during the season. Weimpact of fuel prices onget market is 100 to150as what occurred in March 2020 when state are already mostly full and expect to see longercamping trends. We aremiles, so most will stillgovernments issued stay-at-home orders. stays from guests during the fall season. monitoringourbookingmake that trip. We find Lemoine Billie McNamara, operations manager at LoonsScott Foos trends closely, but so far,that they will stay an extra Haven Family Campground in Naples, Mainewehaveseenlittleim- day or two and take fewerAs of now we have not. We have actu-pact. Destination locations more than 300trips. Camping also tendsallyseenguestslookingtoextendtheir Previously,gaspricesmiles from major metro markets will likelyKelly Jones to weather inflation prettystays. They are looking to add on more ranged from $2.49 to $2.79.feel more of an impact as guests may electwell, too. Most of our parks are up doubledays, up to a week of additional stay. They Maturecampersaretheto travel closer to home during high fueldigits in advance reservations.Kellyare even willing to move sites to accommo-ones who remember whenprices. We should keep in mind that whileJones, vice president of RV resort opera- date this.McNamara prices were .99 cents, andfuel costs are increasing, outdoor hospital- tions for The Jenkins Organization theyweretypicallytheityremainsaverycost-effectivetravelThe Talladega race is the weekend of camper that you would hearmethod compared to more traditional travelCampers mean busi- April 24 and campers would previously at-the complaints from. Peoplecosts. Keep in mind, planes still use fuelness when it comes totend as a group. Recently, we have had two whoarenewtocampingand airlines are passing those fuel costs onhaving a vacation. They'dcampers cancel because they decided to Alicia Lawson seem to be more adaptableto consumers. And knowing that folks aredo anything to get away.ride with someone in their group to save to the new price. Currently, gas prices are atlooking forward to travel in 2022 more thanPlus, they have investedmoney on gas. They are aware that there $3.89. Because we are experiencing an increaseeverbefore,weshouldcontinuetoseein equipment as an RVmay be a separate cost per camper upon with bookings from local campers, we are notstrong demand.Scott Foos, CEO ofowner, so I would expectarrival, however it's still cheaper to camp to-worried.Alicia Lawson, owner of TimeHorizon Outdoor Hospitalityto see a shift in travelinggether than to drive separately.Lawson Away RV Resort in Lincoln, Ala.closertohomerather When gas prices areTessa McCrackin than not traveling at all.We have not seen any cancellations due Since developing ourhigh, RV owners tend to Tessa McCrackin, chief marketing of- to gas prices.McPeek park into a family destina- travel shorter distances toficer of Northgate Resorts tion starting in 2015, gasrecreate in their rig. WeWe have experienced some cancella-priceshavebeenfairlyfeelthatthehighergasWCM: Have you had any cancellationstions due to gas prices, but not a large consistent, so we haveprices may prove to be arelated to gas prices so far?amount.Purviance not seen an impact in thepositive challenge due to past.AswecatertoathefactthatpeopleareMaybe some, but not a lot. Even whenWe had an influencer back out at one of fairly local camper base,Marcie Purviance travelingshorterdis- fuel prices rose in middle America four tothe parks because of travel/gas prices. But we do not see gas pricestances in general to con- five years back, we didn't see a slowdownour spring break numbers have been very Ryan McPeek impactingourcamp- serve gas. Due to the fact that our park isin bookings. Again, weather was more ofstrong.McCrackin 26 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"