b"We are getting quite asunup to sundown at an affordable price few cancellations acrosspoint and that value will be even more at-theboardduetofueltractive to families looking to vacation on a prices. The long-distancebudget. In the past, some of our locations travelers are cancelling.have offered free gas cards as a promo-They are either cancellingtional item to take the sting out of rising completelyortheyaregasprices.Evenwhenpricesincrease, shortening their trips forfamilies still want to find ways to escape Gwyn Wathen example at our Mt. Rush- and enjoy themselves, especially given the moreKOAatPalmerrecent/current pandemic, so we still expect GulchandRapidCity/BlackHillsKOA.to see high demand this year. 2021 was the Rather than hitting Mount Rushmore, Yel- best revenue year ever for Jellystone Park. lowstone and Glacier, they are going to onlyIn fact, our system has set record revenues hit one of them this year. But as soon asfor 15 years in a row. We expect demand those cancellations come in, we are re- for our locations to be strong this year.booking those sites to short distance trav- Hershenson elers who have been trying to get in. This was the trend two months ago, now theWe are increasing our brand awareness cancellations are coming in faster than weto new users who have an interest in RV can refill.Gwyn Wathen, marketing di- travel, but other than that, we aren't adopt-rector at Recreation Adventures Co.ing many new tactics due to the rising fuel prices. We don't believe that discounting WCM: Are you changing your market- helps to drive reservations. At RVC, weve ing tactics due to rising gas prices? Of- always offered a lot of value to our guests fering any special promotions? What isfor the price that we charge. Our goal is to the outlook for 2022?simply increase our brand awareness to new guests and continue to surprise and Acampgroundsmarketingeffortsdelight our existing guests. Regarding world shouldmirrorwhatweknowabouttherelations, I'm worried for the future. For our camping consumer, that all generations areindustry growth, I'm very optimistic that searching for and booking sites online, andwe'll see greater growth than we have in the they are looking for great experiences closepast two years. Interest for RV/camping to home. Focus on the experiences andtravel has seen an enormous increase in the amenitiesyouofferasaprivatecamp- past two years. Those that never thought ground that are unique and often far supe- they would RV/camp are entering the mar-rior to what public campgrounds can offer.ket, which is very exciting.Lauland This post-COVID world combined with high gas prices could require some more so- We are not changing our marketing ef-phisticated marketing methods, but it startsforts in any major way, but we do reinforce with a solid foundation. Make sure yourRVing as the best way to vacation in uncer-business profiles are up to date on Google,tain times. Overall, the demand for RV sites GoCampingAmerica.com and other sitesfar exceeds supply, so based on current campers are searching, and think aboutbookings in my parks and bookings in parks how you can attract more campers locally,of industry colleagues, I dont see any slow-possibly by partnering with other outdoordown. In fact, Im seeing new parks being recreation businesses in your community tobuilt at record numbers which Ive never create unique experiences. seen before. Its a great time to be part of According to data in National ARVCsthis industry. In fact, its always been a 2021 Generational Camping Report, 56%great industry to be part of, we just get of campers plan on camping more in 2022more media attention now.Harpaz than they did in 2021, and they plan to camp within 100 miles of home. This dataWe are not changing our marketing tac-is based on consumer sentiment in late- tics per se but might make a little more ef-2021 before gas prices began to increase,fort to connect with potential guests who but it is a great starting point for determininglive more locally to our park (less than 50 consumer sentiment. Based on what wemiles). We have not done any special pro-know historically, we anticipate seeing moremotions as reservations and advanced de-campersbutthatradiusshrinkingevenposits are at an all-time high. People want more to possibly as close as 50 miles fromtoconnectwiththeoutdoorsandeach home.Bambeiother, and we are ready to serve them. Being pessimistic is a terrible way to live, Were not changing our marketing tac- so I don't recommend it. While I can get tics as we focus on providing families withcaught up about what the future holds, like great entertainment offerings in terms of ourmost people, my staff and I are staying fo-attractions, our activities and the Yogi Bearcused on meeting the needs of our guests characters. A stay at Jellystone Park pro- by delivering exceptional camping experi-videsfamilieswithentertainmentfromences.LemoineWith higher gas prices, many park owners/operators expect campers to take shorter trips and maybe even stick closer to home.(Photo: Shutterstock)28 May 2022Woodalls Campground Magazine"