b"On the marketing side, we are promot- to prevent canceling vacation plans alto-ing the addition of nights to reservations together. We are also increasing our market-entice people to stay longer, making the triping efforts toward the staycation option. The worth it, and we are adding more activitiesoutlook for 2022 is positive. More con-at the campground, so people do not needsumers than ever discovered the camping to leave to do other things. We are continu- lifestyle due to restrictions imposed during ing to amplify the benefit of camping andthe pandemic. Now, with the reduction in the connection to family, friends and theoverallCOVIDcases/hospitalizationsre-outdoors. We also will implement similargionally, potential travelers are relaxing and marketing tactics that we put in place duringare more willing to venture out. People will the start of COVID to help local campersalways find a way to recreate, and we hope discover opportunity to explore their ownthey choose to come to recreate with us. backyard and have Maine campers stay and Purviance camp in Maine. We also have cabin and glamping tent accommodations which peo- We are discussing possible promotions ple can utilize without having the additionalor tactics but haven't made major shifts yet. cost of hauling their camper. Things are changing quickly so we are dis-Historically, we have done some promo- cussing approaches that make sense. Our tions on weekday stays to entice campersoutlook is still positive for this summer. It is to add additional days on at a reduced rateunfortunate that this is happening after the to the weekend they already have booked.Most park owners/operators still expect a very busy year even with higher gas prices and the infla- past two summers when so many campers The 2022 outlook is extremely positive. tion factor. Many note that advanced reservations are still up across the board.(Photo: Shutterstock) were excited for a normal summer. I think People love to camp and love to be out- people will just modify their camping plans doors and the ability to do this with theirif anything. We are all used to adapting at families and continue to work, while sittingference for campers that are looking for a quickguests' concerns while working to fill a timethis point.McCrackin by the campfire, has been a huge benefit toand close getaway.Lawsonthat may otherwise have little occupancy the industry. We are mostly booked for the(extend your season on the front end if yourWe are staying the course on our mar-summer months, and people are wanting toOur camper base is local, so we willoperation is ready to go). keting efforts right now. We have offered book for 2023 already. We have done somecontinue our marketing as we have beenThe larger issue we have had to strate- and will be offering extend the fun pack-upgrades, improvements and changes thisdoing. If nationwide travel does slow, mar- gize around in the last few weeks has beenages, adding those additional nights at a re-off season and are very excited to welcomeketing locally will continue to be important.some level of hesitancy from seasonal workduced rate for midweek nights. Our outlook our campers back when we open in May.We dont offer any discounts or special pro- campers that have contemplated changingis cautiously optimistic. We believe we willMcNamaramotions. Were anticipating a strong 2022their summer work plans and not travel farhave a great year but are keeping a close with advance reservations now higher thanto their next gig. We've worked to offer theseeye on all of the moving parts so we can Iamspending80%ofourmarketingever.McPeekemployees a partial fuel reimbursement op- adapt quickly if needed.Jones budget on local advertising. We have not of- tion paid after 60 days of continuous em-fered discounts in the past, but we are offeringProperties that are experiencing a de- ployment, which has certainly helped. We'reIf and when we need to redirect our a reduced price through a Gold Star member- cline in bookings shouldn't panic just yet.all in this together, and we're planning for anmarketing, we will do so by marketing more ship, which will attract overnight travelers andWe suggest considering more lenient can- exceptional summer season.Foosregionally and trying to attract the stayca-locals. We are very excited for 2022. Our poolcellation policies and running pre-seasontioners rather than a national reach. Reser-will be open in May and it will be the first poolpromotions to offer a discounted rental rateWe have included reference to the painvation deposits are still up for the year over in Lincoln, Ala., and within a two-hour radiusfor mid-week stays before your peak sea- point of higher gas prices in our marketing2021, but down 22% so far this month.of our location. We feel that this will make a dif- son. This is a great way to tune into yourand are promoting our park as a resolutionWathen. WCM WOODALLSCM.comMay 2022 29"