b'Michiganfrom page 3 Scott Everett, Camp Michigans lobbyist, gave an up- lawsuits have impacted their park to get in touch with date on the state of affairs at Michigans statehouse, withhim so that he can then share them with lawmakers. He We are in a relationship business, right? he asked.redistricting having just wrapped up and almost everywould like to have 25-30 examples. To contact Everett You need to get to know the story behind your suppli- lawmaker in the state facing reelection. Everett has beencall 517-482-5800 or email severett@fraserlawfirm.com. ers, team members, campersetc. You also need to tellfocused on getting House Bill 5862 through the judiciaryOther sessions that were held during the day included them your story.committee. It would protect campgrounds against friv- one on all things electrical, led by Paul Croteau, of Utility After lunch, attendees took in a session led by Saraholous lawsuits based on risks that naturally accompanySupply Group, and another on how park owners should Rottiers, an official from Michigans Department of En- camping.handle negative social media attention, held by Kristen vironmental Quality, who answered attendee questionsA hearing on the bill was recently held and some law- Squires and Sara Willett, of Outdoor Adventures. on permitting and other issues. Joanne Forman, frommakers were questioning whether it helped solve anThe conference also hosted a cracker barrel, network-the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, led aissue that didnt exist, according to Everett. He would likeing events, a tradeshow with more than two dozen ven-session on invasive species.Michigan park owners with examples of how frivolousdors and an auction.Ben Quiggle WCMMARKETPLACEWCMs 2022 Business DirectoryA great resource to find theproducts and services you need. Get your copy today! https://woodallscm.com/flipbook/wcm_2022_directoryWOODALLSCM.comMay 2022 33'