b'MODERN MARKETINGGoogle Part 1: Pump Up Your Presence Because Google owns 90% of the search market, it is a given that your Evanne potential guests are researching and making stay decisions using GooglesSchmardersearch engine.Google is a force to be reckonedNew Name, Same Gamespond to reviews and flag as inap- You must use your exact business with. Innovative and highly ambi- You might have called it Googlepropriate when necessary, as well asname, address and telephone num-tious, Google pioneered algorithmicPages+, Google Local or Google Mytake advantage of a stat dashboardber (known in the tech world as NAP internet search using PageRank (aBusiness in the past, but no longer.for an at-a-glance look at search re-name, address, phone) and they play on web pages and co-founderToday, this most basic of businesssults and top queries.must exactly match those on your Larry Pages last name), expandedproductsgoesbythemonikerwebsite. This includes Street versus into advertising and analytics, ac- Google Business Profile. This is a freeStart It UpSt., Suite versus Ste., etc. quired Blogger in 2003, YouTube intool that allows you to take chargeTheres no time like the present toUse categoriesyou can have up 2006 and Waze in 2013 (setting theof the way your business appears ontake charge of your Business Profile.to ten. These must be selected from stageforGoogleMaps),amongGoogle Search and Maps, accordingLog into your businesss Google Ac- a static drop-down list. Think about dozens and dozens of others since itsto the companys website.count. If you do not already have asearchtermswhenaddingcate-inception in 1998. Because Google owns 90% of theGoogle account associated with yourgoriesandtakeadvantageofas Google closed a deal to acquiresearch market, it is a given that yourbusiness, create one using your busi- many of the ten as possible. Fitbit in 2021 and has recently begunpotential guests are researching andnessemailaddress.OncesignedGoogle allows for a brief business publictestingofitsnewandim- making stay decisions using Googlesin/up,visitgoogle.com/businessdescriptionbelowthebusiness provedGoogleGlassproduct.Itsearch engine. and click on Manage now. Type inname. As the business owner, you wouldnt be unrealistic to say GoogleThe potential of a Google Busi- your business name; you are seekingprovide the From the business de-has made an indelible mark on ourness Profile is high. It allows busi- to either create or claim your Busi- scription. Use as much of the 750-modern lives. nessownerstoportraytheirness Profile.wordcountaspossible, Fortunately,forthosethatownbusinessesonSearch(andMaps,If it does not appear, click Addfront-loading the most important in-businesses large and small, Googlepart two of our series) by developingyour business to Google and followformationandconversationally understandsthatyoursuccessisa robust, image-rich company pro- the prompts to create your Businessusing keywords and phrases. Avoid their success. Hyperbole when dis- file, called a Business Profile. Like allProfile.repeating information that is already cussing such a behemoth? Maybe,effectivedigitalmarketingtactics,Ifyourbusinessnameappears,noted in your Profile. URLs are not but the modern marketer knows thatdeveloping your profile takes time,click on it to find out if it has beenpermitted.doing business in conjunction withforethought and follow up. claimed and verified. If it has, butPay special attention to selecting the big G is much more successfulThere may already be a Businessnot through you, follow the instruc- your guests most desired attributes than going it alone. Profile for your park made up of cu- tions to claim ownership.or special features of your business Google describes its goals for its mostrated data from across the InternetEither way, you will be given op- and be as accurate as possible. consumer-relevant(andbusiness- publicly-availableinformation,tions to verify your Business Profile.Others can suggest edits to your practical) product, Search, this way:review sites, your website, user-gen- Once verified, you will have full ac- Business Profile, and you may not beDeliver the most relevant and re- erated content and such. So, there itcess via your Business Profile. notified of changes. It behooves you liable information availableexists, representing your business.to regularly check your profile andMaximize access to informationWhile you could leave well enoughOptimize Itfine-tune as necessary.Present information in the mostalone, dont. Take the time to claimWhile not difficult, there are a few useful wayyour listing, build it out and verify it.lesserknownbutcriticaltipsthatAmp It UpSell ads, nothing moreClaimedlistings,alsocalledshould not be overlooked when opti- In addition to accurate and interest-InthisfirstofthreeGoogleforowner-verifiedbusinesslistings,mizing your Google Business Profile:ing text, take advantage of the visual OutdoorHospitalitytutorials,letsallow a business to cast its offeringsWhen you create a new account oraspect of your Business Profile. Use examine what your business needsin the most accurate and flatteringclaim your listing, make sure you useyour logo as your thumbnail photo to do to become an official part oflight. Owners can list their businessa Google account that can be sharedand add a few more motivational im-theGoogleecosystem,creatingainthecorrectcategories,createawith your marketing teamdontages from your park. You also could use Google Business Profile.compelling business description, re- use your personal Google account.user-generated images. You will also be able to add regular blog-style posts, create and take part inAmazon-styleQuestions&An-swers and respond to customer re-views.WewillexamineGoogle Reviews in part three of this tutorial series.Make It Personal Intodayscompetitivebusiness climate,Googleoffersmust-opti-mize tools that can make a differ-ence to your bottom line. And no surprise, while the tools themselves arefree,excellentexecutiontakes time.Setupascheduleandpay closeattentiontomaximizingthe benefitsofyourGoogleBusiness Profile by including plenty of details, interesting information and interac-tion for those searching for a busi-ness like yours.Opportunity knocks. Will you an-swer?Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.com WCM10 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'