b'GUEST VIEWAre You an RV Park, Campground or Resort?Visitors to your campground typically arent from your community and dont know the local haunts. Could they go to the local Apple-bees? They could, but they can do that anywhere. They can only getMichael Moorethe local flavor at a local place.With the influx of cash cominga very nice campground but notthree times a day, chances are theydors. Campground operators dont into the campground industry, ac- the amenities of a resorta pool,wont.(Personally,Iwould,butwant the liability of an on-site mo-commodations are getting bigger,on-site dining or take out, waterthats a different story.)bile wash or on-site tech, so they withmorethingstodoon-siteparketc.you wouldnt want toYourcustomersneedaquickrefertheirgueststoatrusted than ever before. Now, when yougive people the wrong impressionand easy way to know what theresourcetocomeinanddothe hear of a nice, new campgroundbynamingyourselfashavingis to eat in town. Will some of themwork. that has the word resort in thethosethings.KeepinmindyouGoogleit?Maybe,butsurveysAnd what about the kids and the name, they mean it. On-site din- only get to make a first impressionshow that many campers are look- pets? Your campground may have ing and entertainment, shuttles toONCE! The good news is that withing to disconnect from their elec- a pool, jumping pillow or pet park, tourist attractions and more are allthe amount of RVers on the road,tronicsthatswhytheyarebut are your guests coming to you characteristicsofaresortnot all of them are looking for anCAMPING! Will a lot of them askjust for those items? What about a whether its in the campground in- all-inclusive property. Theyre OKyourfrontofficewhatsgoodwater park or other local attrac-dustry or notwith the intendedpaying a reasonable rate for a sitearound here? You bet; and havingtions?Areyouoneoftheonly goal of keeping visitors on-site asif it has full hookups, great cus- that info to distribute is critical.campgrounds in America that has much as possible, though that is atomer service and its easy to get inVisitorstoyourcampgrounda licensed vet or pet groomer on-bitcounterintuitiveregardingand out of.typically arent from your commu- site?Ifnot,yourguestsneedto nomad guests.Speakingofresortproperties,nityanddontknowthelocalknow who you recommend. The Back to the original question how can you give your customershaunts. Could they go to the localone thing COVID taught us all is whatareyouandwhatsinaa great camping experience with- Applebees? They could, but theyhow important medical and phar-name? Being a campground resortout the luxury of having dozens ofcan do that anywhere. They canmacy services are, so have the info as described above is great and aamenities on-site? That part is sur- only get the local flavor at a localready for your customers. realbenefit.Itshouldbeevery- prisingly simple. Engage fully withplace.You see, you might be more like onesgoaltoprovidetop-notchyour community to facilitate theWhat about cleaning and main- a resort than you think (without service, clean facilities and a greatthings your customers will needtaining their rig? As much as wegiving a false impression), because experience.RVparks,camp- the most. What are those? Food,hope and pray RVs dont need a fix,there is very little that you cant groundsandresortscandoallforstarters.Rememberthatthethey almost always do. But youroffer your customers through net-thosethingsandmany,ifnotstove is the least used item in anguestsdontknowwhotocallworkingopportunities.Know most, do exactly that.RV!And,asmuchastheHuntwhentheyrehundredsofmileswhatyouareandadvertiseac-ButtruthinadvertisingstillBrothersPizzacompanywouldaway from home. Thats where youcordingly. matters. For example, if you havelove your campers to eat its pizzacome in, with your preferred ven- Dontjustmarketwhatyou have; market your network to your customers when they arrive. Pro-mote the services you have, but also be sure they know how to ac-cess the services you dont.MichaelMooreisthegeneral manager of AGS Guest Guides, a di-vision of Texas Advertising, as well as the Supplier Council representa-tive on the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds Board ofDirectors.Youcanemailhim with any questions or concerns at michael@texasadvertising.netor visit www.AGSPub.comWCMWere more than just the leading campground industry tradepublication. Check us out Online! The latest industry newsCampground-related videosDigital editionsSign up to get daily breaking news!Give Us A Click Today!woodallscm.com14 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'