b'GUEST VIEWProtect Against Violent Events with Planning, InsuranceCampgrounds can mitigate these risks with gated entry, securitycameras, park patrols, employee screening processes and good first responder relations. It is essential to have an emergency action planIrene Jonesthat includes responding to a violent event.The campground community isthat includes responding to a vio- This coverage provides remedies toallows for you to pay continuing ex-shockedandsaddenedtolearnlent event. Train staff to recognizecope, regroup, mourn and, eventu- penses and payroll. about an active shooter incident atthe sound of guns. Practice evacu- ally, to move on.Thiscoverageisnotastand-a public campground in Iowa thatationroutesandcommunicationTheendorsementpaysfor90alonepolicy;itisarideroren-took the lives of two parents and amethodswithstaffandcampersdays of business income and extradorsement to the Great American six-year-old child. Camping has be- and develop a plan with the policeexpense coverage. It also helps parkInsuranceCommercialPackage comearefugefortheAmericanand first responders in your area.owners put things back together policycoveringGeneralLiability public, and this tragedy has raisedPrimarily, organizations have aemotionally,financiallyandpri- and Property insurance for parks. concerns for safety and has poten- duty to warn, meaning they mustvately with the families of the de- Note that policyholders should al-tial impacts on campers peace ofinform the necessary parties andceasedandpubliclywiththeways look at their specific policy mind.takepreventivemeasuresiftheymedia. It pays for extra expensesand coverage forms to determine Private campground owners canidentify potential hazards on-sitesuch as counseling for campers andcoverage. The endorsement format take action. Its important to under-including individuals who posestaff and increased temporary se- is designed to make Violent Event stand the realities of violent eventsthreats to others safety.curityonsite.Itallowstheparkcoverage accessible and affordable. inAmericatoday,yourdutiestoMarshall&SterlingsCamp- owner to bring in a crisis manage- Most of all, Great Americans Vio-staff and campers, as well as how togroundInsuranceProgrampro- mentorpublicrelationsfirmtolent Event coverage provides secu-prepareandreacttoanactivevidessafetyresourcesforyoutohandle the media and communica- rityandpeaceofmindduring shooter incident. Insurance is alsomake plans to prepare for and re- tions. The coverage affords the parkuncertain times. available to campgrounds to helpspond to an Active Shooter.leadership the support of a team ofStand-alone violent event poli-put the pieces back together afterMarshall & Sterling has a Violentprofessionalstohelprebuildthecies are also available. This cover-an incident.EventCoveragethatcanbeen- well-being of the people affected byagewilloftenproviderisk According to the FBI, the num- dorsed onto the property section ofthe tragedy and the reputation ofmanagement onsite training as well berofactiveshooterincidentsits exclusive Great American Insur- the business.as Liability protection for lawsuits jumped by 96.8% between 2017 (31ancepolicy.TheadvantagesareBefore you can re-open and re- claimingnegligence.Inaddition, incidents) and 2021 (61 incidents).easyapplication,lowcost,broadturn to normal you need to pick uppolicies typically have some post-These incidents have also grown incoverage and wide availability. Thethe pieces. Expenses to clean andlosssupportavailable.Coverage severity, with three out of the fiveweaponinvolvedcanbeagun,disinfectbiohazardareasarecov- forms vary widely and would need deadliestmassshootingsinU.S.knife, in fact anythingas long asered.Outsourcingbiohazardto be considered on a case-by-case historyoccurringinthepastdeadlyforceisinvolved. Theen- cleanup to specialists spares you andbasis. There is a more involved ap-decade.dorsementalsocoversviolentyour staff the added trauma of han- plicationprocessandpremiums Themostcommontargetsareeventsthatthreatentheuseofdling the crime scene. Policyholdersrun well into the thousands, many those that are easily accessible todeadly force to cause bodily injury. can even offer to pay for funeral ex- times more than an endorsement. thepublicwithlimitedsecurity.So, if, a disturbed camper fires apenses of deceased victims, up toCreating a plan to train for a po-Campgroundscanmitigatetheseshot at other people and misses, it$10,000, to comfort the families.tentialviolentevent,enhancing riskswithgatedentry,securityis still considered a violent event,If you are shut down due to a vi- safety at your parks and communi-cameras,parkpatrols,employeeand holding or threatening to holdolent event Business Income cover- cating with staff, campers and law screening processes and good firsta person hostage is also covered asage pays for lost net income thatenforcement are all essential. Hav-responder relations. It is essentiala violent event. All of these situa- would have been earned if the vio- inginsuranceprotectiontohelp to have an emergency action plantions leave an aftermath of trauma.lent event had not taken place andyou navigate and recover from a vi-olent event can help you help oth-ers, as well as add to your peace of mind and your ability to continue operatingasuccessfulcamp-ground.Irene Jones is an associate in risk managementandtheprogram manager for the Marshall & Sterling CampgroundInsuranceProgram WCM 16 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'