b'Experts note that they expect more expansion in the glamping segment as brands begin to add locations. Photo: Northshore Resort on Buffalo Pound LakeMore Well-Known Industry Players Look at Expanding into Glamping MarketBY MIKE GASTn cations somewhere in thefrom scratch.geoning popularity. Scott said that consolidation Editors Note: This story first appeared inU.S. later this month. TheDuring those first two years of operation,of ownership is starting to occur in glamping, Glamping Business Americas and is repub- expansion will be a majorTerramor was able to push its Net Promotertoo, but it takes more than a collection of parks lished here by permission. benchmarkinKOAs60- Score (NPS) to a world-class level of 90.3.to start a brand. North Americans love affair with glampingyear history in camping.Weve done all of the market research andOf course, you do have to have the inven-has more established companies looking at ex- We wanted to test it allare doing what we need to do to make sure wetory first before you can expand into a mar-pandingtheirbrandedglampingfootprintfirst, Scott said. But weare meeting the expectations of our guests,ketable brand, she said. Just like hotel chains across the U.S. and Canada.always knew the plan wasScott said. That is so important. We know weand bookstores that consolidate to grow, more Until now, much of the growth in glampingthatifitallworks,weare setting ourselves up for a large brand pres- glamping brands will emerge as the consolida-facilities came one glampground at a time.wanted to expand it. Whitney Scott ence across the nation.tion of inventory happens.Existing campground owners carefully addedKOAs slow-and-steady approach to grow- Scott said KOAs six decades of experienceScott said she suspects more than a few glamping facilities to their parks, existing busi- ing the Terramor brand is both by design andoperating and franchising more than 500 tradi- glamping locations are already in the testing nesses such as wineries and farms added anecessity.tional campground locations gives it the upperphase of adding more parks and adding brand few sites and new entrepreneurs entered theWe want to make sure that the new resortshand in expanding its Terramor Resort glamp- marketing to their mix. market with larger, glamping-specific upscalewe announce are actually going to happen,ing brand.New expanded brand players in Canada, too locations in poplar markets.she said. You dont want to announce that itsA lot of people who have come into theWhile there are glamping brands in Eastern While glamping brands with multiple loca- coming and then not be able to build it. glamping market dont understand the intricaciesCanada, the less-populated Western provinces tions are out there (think Under Canvas, Col- Unlike traditional campgrounds, there arentof growing a brand or how to facilitate marketwere a bit underserved for lective Retreats and Tentrr, to name a few) themany existing glamping parks operating andexpansion in very diverse places, Scott said. glampinglocationsuntil rapid maturation of the glamping industry now available for purchase and consolidation. ThatAlthough Scott said KOA has nailed theGlamping Resorts Ltd ar-has more industry players thinking aboutforces brands to build new glamping parkstent structure facility in Bar Harbor, the samerived in 2018. wide-ranging expansion.structure might not work at either cold weather,GlampingResortsLtd KOAs Terramor Resort brand set to expandhot weather or wilder locations.General Manager Melissa From our perspective, weve always knownWe may need a better insulated tent to hold(Mel) Zoller says the pri-the value of a brand, said Kampgrounds ofair conditioning in the deep south and we mayvately-owned company is America Inc.s (KOA) Chief Marketing Officerneed hard-sided structures in bear country,set to open its third glamp-Whitney Scott. Scott oversees the marketingshe said.ing resort (Glamping Re- Melissa Zollerand operations of KOAs Terramor Outdoor Re- First comes inventory, then brand expansionsorts Ltd at Castle Rock Provincial Park, sort location near Bar Harbor, Maine. The traditional, RV-driven campground busi- Alberta) in 2022. The groups other two loca-After two summer seasons of operation atListening to customers is key as brand ness has seen a fair share of consolidation intions are Saskatchewan Landing Provincial its Bar Harbor location, KOA is set to announceexpansion begins. Photo: Terramor the past few years as owners purchased addi- Park Resort north of Swift Current and the at least two more Terramor Outdoor Resort lo- tional properties to capitalize on campings bur- North Shore Resort on Buffalo Pound Lake just north of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Weve got an assertive growth plan over the next three years, Zoller said. Were ex-pecting to have up to seven more resorts throughout Western and Central Canada offer-ing glamping. It was always the plan to have multiple branded locations. It allows us control and consistency. While Zoller said each Glamping Resorts Ltd location will continue to have its own unique set of amenities and local attractions, the plan was always to market the parks under a single brand, capitalizing on market research that said potential guests highly value consistency in the facilities they select, as well as consistent de-livery of service. We have many families coming back to our parks or giving our second park in Saskatchewana try because they know they will experience the same quality and level of service, she said. A brand makes it easier for us to control all of those variables across multiple properties. Targeting inexperienced guests Both Zoller and Scott said the target market for their glamping brands isnt necessarily ex-perienced campers. We might see an older generation that camped while growing up, but now they like the idea of sleeping in a nice bed and having a hot shower at the end of the day, Zoller said. The younger generations may not have much expo-sure to the outdoors at all. They want to explore nature, but they are really looking for a hotel in the forest. Glamping Marketcontinued on page 3818 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'