b'EDITORS NOTES BY BEN QUIGGLEDont Get Bogged Down by All the NegativeIt isnt too hard right now to get bogged down in negative energy.Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM) was reminded of this throughout July as the daily perusal of news sites brought up stories about violence at parks, wildfires and economic conditions that certainly have everyone wondering what is coming next for all of us. Still, as park owners/operators it is important to sort through the news and understand how events across the country could impact your park.Hopefully, most campground operators in wildfire zones have an emergency plan in place.In this edition, readers will see a column from Irene Jones, the program man-ager for the Marshall & Sterling Campground Insurance Program, on why it is important for owners to be prepared for any violent event at their parks. (See page 16)Statistics have also played a role in shaping this discussion, with Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) noting that the market seems to be normalizing to some degree with revenues still up, but oc-cupancy down. (Read more on page 3)The RV Industry Association noted that wholesale shipments dropped in June compared to June 2021, but that overall the industry was still up for the year. (Read more on page 4)Gas prices and inflation are also driving consumer attitudes and as this issue went to print the Federal Reserve had announced another major interest rate hike.WCM spoke with accommodation providers and noted that while they remain busy for the most part, supply chain issues and inflation are still having an impact on their businesses.All of this is to say that while the industry is welcoming more campers than ever before, it is also dealing with a wide range of issues.The industry has also had some big wins recently including more states that have enacted park immunity legislation and, of course, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds suc-cessful campaign to ensure parks are listed as essential by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).While it is easy to get lost in the daily headlines and it could be easy to embrace the negative side of things, it is also important to acknowledge where the industry is heading and prepare your park for the future.Maybe we are heading for a recession. What does that look like for your park? Will campers still come and if they do, will their length of stay change? Do you have working capital if camper numbers decrease?Maybe gas prices will jump up again. Is it time to offer something special to attract campers? These are just some of the things park owners should, in my opinion, think about as the industry continues to consider what the future holds.It is important to embrace the positive as much as possible, though. Take a look around your park on a Friday evening and enjoy the smiling faces you have helped create and take a deep breath.Those smiles, after all, are probably the reason you got into this industry and there are more of them than ever before. WCMwww.woodallscm.com GG M E D I AVol. 53 No. 9 September 2022& GROUP LLCSherman Goldenberg, PublisherTrina Nissley, Art Director sgoldenberg@rvbusiness.comtnissley@rvbusiness.com Office: (574) 457-3370 Mobile: (574) 457-6637ADVERTISING: Fax: (574) 457-8295 Ally Kollat, Account Ben Quiggle, EditorExecutive, National Ad Sales bquiggle@rvbusiness.comakollat@g-gmediagroup.com Mobile: (574) 306-7781Office: (574) 266-7980Rick Kessler, Managing EditorWendy Thorne, Account rkessler@rvbusiness.comExecutive, National Ad Sales (734) 777-6830 wthorne@g-gmediagroup.com Gary Gerard, Editorial DirectorOffice (574) 266-7980ggerard@rvbusiness.com (574) 528-1275 Scan toAlex Burkett, subscribeDigital Media Coordinatorto our daily aburkett@rvbusiness.com news feed Jeff Crider, Senior Editorand print campinginfosource@gmail.compublications(760) 469-5905 All general correspondence, circulation and display and classified salesinquiries may be directed to the following: Woodalls Campground Magazine, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514. Fax: (574) 266-7984Owners, managers or marketing directors of privately held U.S. campgrounds may receive a free subscription upon request to Woodalls Campground Magazineone free subscription per campground. Others may purchase subscriptions at these rates: $24.95 per year U.S. or $35.95 per year in Canada.Email: rvbusiness@rvbusiness.comWoodalls Campground Magazine is published monthly by G&G Media Group LLC at the above address. 2 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'