b'Series is still our bread and butter, he clarified.The Sierra also comes with a loft. Those are the only two models that come with Kropf is also coming out with a new PMRV series, Eldorado.a loft, so those are hot units right now. That will be our very, very high-end unit, Kropf explained.He said the Sierra is a one-bedroom with a private bunk room that also in-The Eldorado is a retro-type spinoff of a series built in thecludes a 10-foot porch. The Rancher doesnt come with a porch because it has a 1980s for a dealership of the same name it had down in Florida.bedroom on each end. We had a sales lot down there, so were playing back off thatWe have a few really big customers who order 50 to 100 each year, Smucker name, said Kropf. Many of our dealers are excited about that.said of the larger campground developers. Were hoping to do 750 cabins next It will come out at the dealer open house in September, but it isyear. This year well be at right around 500. Trevor Kropf not for everyone as its a super high-end unit.717-445-5522www.lancasterlogcabins.comIn addition to these 2022 changes, the company is eliminat-ing its Lakeside LE Series and combining it with its popular Lakeside models. 800-634-2171www.kropfind.comLANCASTER LOG CABINS VACAVIA COTTAGES & CABINS Things are going well for Lancaster(formerly Pinnacle Park Homes)Log Cabins, according to Dan Smucker,PinnacleParkwaspurchasedin ownerandbusinessmanageroftheNovember2021fromRandyand Gap, Pa.-based company.Terri Stewart and is being rebranded Wevehadarecordyear,saidas VacaviaCottages&Cabins. The Smucker. It seems like every year werefirm is based in Ochlocknee, Ga. almost doubling what we did the yearVacaviaCottages&Cabinshas before. For a campground, our lead time is right around 13 to 14 months or so. Itbeenverybusyin2022,saidMatt used to be like 16 to 18 months.Williams,presidentandoperating Part of cutting that lead time is upping production with a newpartner. We have tripled the size of facility.the business in the first six months. We Were building a new production building, said Smucker.are on track to double the size of the Were in the process of that right now. Thatll help us grow pro- business yet again by the end of 2022. duction by about 50%, so thats big. Thats kind of what helpedThis projected sixfold annual growth our lead time.likelypositionsVacaviaCottages& Right now, we have right around 35 employees, he added.Cabins as one of the fastest growing PMRV manufacturers in America. When its all said and done, well have about 50. Wed like to pro- He stated that as of June, Vacavia Cottages & Cabins had a backlog of four Dan Smucker duce 15 cabins a week, so five more cabins a week compared toto six weeks. Vacavia now offers 12 base models, each of which is available what were doing now.in either a cottage or cabin. Smucker said two of his park models are selling well to campgrounds.We expect our backlog to grow to six months or more by the end of the Were selling a lot of Sierras and a lot of Ranchers, he explained. Those arethird quarter of 2022, Williams added. A customer purchasing a new park by far our two most popular models, especially the Rancher with a loft option.model home from Vacavia Cottages & Cabins can expect to receive it in about six weeks. Vacavia Cottages & Cabins con-tinues to focus on its line of rustic cabins,thoughitrecentlydevel-oped the Vacavia Signature Line of luxury park model homes with up-graded materials, fixtures and ap-pointments. Vacavia Cottages & Cabins is also releasing an eight-foot-wide con-sumer towable tiny home coded to the ANSI 119.5 Park Model RV stan-dards. Thistinyhomemovement continuestogaintraction, Williams said. We have received anoverwhelminglypositivere-sponse to this new model. The Va-cavia Tiny Home measures 25 feet by8feetandweighsinunder 8,000 pounds, making it towable by many light- and medium-duty pickup trucks. Thesearestillintendedtobe destination trailers as opposed to RVs that are regularly used over the road,buttheabilitytorelocate thesetinyhomeswithstandard pickup trucks by the end user is at-tractive to many, he added. 866-574-5159 www.vacavia.com 24 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'