b'PRAIRIE KRAFT LOG CABINSGreat Falls, Mont.-based Prairie Kraft Specialties LLC is not an RV Industry Association (RVIA) labeled parkSKYLINE CHAMPION model manufacturer but rather a solid log modularWere seeing a little decline in cabin builder for more permanent installations for re- businessontheHUDside,Gry-sorts and campgrounds. monprez said. The park model side Our smaller, simple, more basic cabins are probablyhas not slowed down at all though. about three months out right now, said Bethany Bene- There are a lot of new resorts right dict, sales manager for the company. Deluxe units are now. It just seems like theres a big five to six months out.demand for park models. One of the few builders willing to share pricing information in this up and down pricingMore upscale PMRVs are selling environment, cabins can be optioned for just about any price range.for Skyline Champion. For the smaller basic units, you can get in around $30,000 for a dry, sleeping cabin, said Benedict. Then if youre going to go two-bedroom, full kitchen, bathroom, deluxe,It used to be, when we were dealing with campground owners they always all set, ready to go, youre looking at about $130,000. Its the Double Deluxe that has beensaid, Whats the cheapest thing you have? Grymonprez explained. Today its our most popular floor plan the past year. All of our stuff is made in America. She statedlike, What type of amenities can you put in here to make this nicer? They want that since most of the logs are sourced from Montana and Northern Idaho and other ven- nice appliances, bigger porches and those types of things that make the units dors are based regionally, supply chain issues have not been too tough to handle.nicer. Weve been in business 42 years, said Benedict. Weve been working with most of ourOne of our best-selling park models has a bedroom, a bunk room and a loft vendors that long as well. Trucking things to people, like exporting, is more difficult. Mostin it so they can sleep eight to 10 people, he added. Lofts have become more campgrounds order multiple units. Weve had customers that are getting 10 or 12 units.popular. We used to sell probably 50% of our product with lofts, now its 70% of Prairie Kraft sells two kinds of cabins. It sells do-it-yourself kits with a link and lock,our product sold. numbered assembly with everything pre-cut and pre-drilled with drawings to build on- Grymonprez noted that moving forward the company is looking at PMRV-site. These can be customized. We can build as big as you want, like two-story homes, Benedict said. Then we haveonly plants and individual lines inside of existing plants that focus solely on another set of our business that is pre-built and we truck it on a wide load semi. The largestPMRVs. we can get going down the road is about 16-foot wide by about 40 feet long.903-677-0108 406-727-3192www.pkscabins.com www.athensparkmodelrvs.comwww.skylinepm.com 26 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'