b'WOODLAND PARK HOMESWoodland Park is pretty much a high-end custom builder, said Soard. And we usually do most of our business aimed di-rectly at retail sales. Were not a company that does a lot of rental units or units that are going to go into resorts specifically for rental. STONE CANYON HOMES We are set up just to help dealers retail. Based on its 12-dealer network in the southeastern U.S., Stone CanyonPriced and appointed at the very top of the PMRV industry, Woodland Park is anhomes is a PMRV and tiny house builder in Brilliant, Ala. The company is RVIAalternative for high-end resorts or campgrounds segmenting special parts of its sites certified and provides its versatile products to campgrounds and a growing listto waterfront or premium locations. of tiny home communities and resorts in the south.The company sells in Canada as well. It offers seven floorplans.In the U.S. the single-bedroom units with loft, the loft models are mainly what we Tammi Birch sells Stone Canyon PMRVs through its affiliated dealershipbuild, Soard stated. The Canadian market, which is a good piece of our business, its called Compact Cottages. basically two-bedroom models because they cannot have any lofts. Were building a It has been crazy busy this year, she said. Our sales office is in Franklinlot of single bedrooms with bunk rooms in them. N.C., and we have a tiny home community in Clarksville, Ga. It takes aboutOur No. 1 floor plan is a nice wraparound type of kitchen, single bedroom, nice three to five months currently to get a home and we sell about six a month.size bathroom and so forth, he added. Weve got a front kitchen for customers that Our best seller is probably the Alexander and our Seabreeze, Birch added.want front kitchens and some of those models that are a little bit more. But our No. 1 The Sedona is also very popular. They are stick built. The upgrades we haveselling floor plans, both in the U.S. and Canada are consistent right now. In the U.S. it are beautiful and the high-quality materials and layouts do set us apart.would be the Liberty model and our Canadian version is the Euro Villa. 205-465-8011www.stonecanyonhomes.com574-825-2104. www.woodland-park.com WCM WOODALLSCM.com September 2022 27'