b"Unique accommodation providers are battling supply chain issues, but still seeing steady business as glamping continues to remain popular. Photo: Pacific YurtsUnique Accommodation Makers Handle High Demand, Supply Chain Issues and Remain Excited about Industrys GrowthI t probably doesnt come as a surprise to many that manufacturers ofin strong. We are also starting to get more reorders from customers who say nBY BEN QUIGGLEunique accommodation units are still dealing with an explosion inour units are working for them. business, especially given the interest in glamping. Manufacturers Brandon Wright, a communications representative for The Conestoga Wagon are also still dealing with supply chain issues to some degree, al- Company, noted that the company is booked out on orders until December. thoughmostthatspokewithWoodallsCampgroundMagazine That is a little bit of an improvement from last year, and the wagons and (WCM) noted that those concerns have decreased in some areas.bathhouses continue to drive that growth, he explained. The two main diffi- We just cant get caught up at this point, noted Curt Dinges, presidentculties we face are getting materials and keeping costs down. The supply short-of Montana Canvas. Our biggest battle right now is supplyages dont seem to be consistent. One week, one item will be out of stock and chainissues,includinggettingrawmaterialsandotherthen a different item will be an issue the following week. It just freight concerns. Right now, our lead times sit at about 12-14adds a little bit of a headache to the whole process. weeks and if you would have asked me six months ago, I Jason Higbee, the U.S. sales representative of Netherlands-would have told you I thought we could shrink lead times,based Outstanding Tents, noted that some of his clients are but so far, we havent been able to.nervous about the current economic environment, including Alan Bair, founder and president of Pacific Yurts, said,financing costs.Business has been very brisk for us over the last few years. A lot of them are making adjustments to their plans, usu-That has resulted in production lead timesally in terms of a project size reduction to make things work Curt Dinges that are longer than they typically would be.and appease their concerns about the potential economic As with most manufacturing companies, we have had somefluctuations or capital costs, he said.Jason Higbeechallenges arise on the supply chain front, but we have beenReid Burland, the founder and owner of Lonesome Yurts and Treehouses, successfulatminimizinganydirectimpacttoourcus- told WCM that business has been increasing and that the first full year of tomers. only producing kits went well.If things keep going the way they are right now, we are The demand has been increasing and we have been putting out more going to have a very good year, said Dennis Steinman,yurts as the year goes on, he said. founder of Kansas-based PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. WeTo get a better picture of the specialty lodging market, WCM spoke with sev-continue to build on a consistent basis and orders are comingDennis Steinman eral companies to get updates on new products, trends and other news.CEDAR BOUNDCedar Bound designs and builds glamping cabins for resorts, glamping parks, vacation rentals and personal retreats. Bailey Aro Hutchence, co-founder and owner of the company with her husband, Joe Hutch Hutchence, noted to WCM that since being established in 2019 the business has continued to grow. We enjoy helping people who are starting glamping parks or looking at dif-ferent units, bring their visions to reality, she explained. Hutchence said the company produces a unit that is a hybrid between a modern cabin and a two-story tent, including a wood structure that is built underneath a canvas tent shell. The units come to park owners in a kit based on the scope of the project and the customers ability to build the units. If someone is looking to order a single unit, they may order one of our kits that have timbers included and if they have a little bit of DIY sense, they can quickly assemble that using an impact gun, Hutchence explained. You may need some scaffolding and a material lift to hoist those timbers, but, for the Bailey Aro & Joe Hutchence most part, it's pretty straightforward. She explained that the frame of each structure is made from timber and that owners can also purchase a kit that allows them to source their own timber. The kit would just include brackets, vinyl for the canopy, insulation and canvas. The company also offers windows, doors and other options as add-ons. We have customers that use these structures for office space, check-in points, staff lodging and other purposes besides just rental units, Hutchence noted. 218-409-3255www.cedarbound.com 28 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine"