b'CONESTOGA WAGON COMPANYWright noted that the Conestoga Wagon Company currently has a backlog on its wagons and shower houses, the two most popular products. The company also sells canvas tents. He said that the company has stopped selling single canopy wagons and has started pro-ducing double canopy wagons. Those units are a better insulator and are just gen-erally a more comfortable product, Wright explained. The Conestoga Wagon Company is also working on something new, but Wright said that he couldnt reveal anything until October. Conestoga Wagon also offers shower houses for campgrounds. The company has flexible layouts with one to three toilets, or just shower houses if desired, starting at around $38,000 to $45,000. 307-277-0525www.conestogawagonco.com ECO STRUCTURES USAEco Structures USA is the U.S. distributor for the Australian-based com-pany Eco Structure and offers several different products, including an entry-level Pop-Up Tent that is designed to be 100% temporary for the campground market. Josh Bell, a U.S.-based sales representative for the com-pany, noted that it has been working on several different proj-ects. There certainly seems to be no shortage of people that want to pursue projects, he explained. Bell said that the company plans to start stocking its Pop-Up Tents in the U.S. so that there will be available stock for Josh Bell projects. The goal is to give owners a product that is readily available and that they can get their hands on in a shorter amount of time, he noted. In the past, Bell said that delivery windows for most products have sat at the four-to-six-month timeframe. Another new development that Eco Structures will be promoting at future shows is a suite of floor plans in its Eco Cabin line. The cabins have hard sides, which Bell said makes them an ideal candidate for employee housing. We are trying to find ways to tackle the issue of how owners house campers if they are not traditional work campers, Bell explained. Some of these workers dont bring their own RVs and this type of unit is a great example of what they can provide to workers as an alternative. 619-997-5788www.ecotentsaustralia.com.au LONESOME YURTS & TREEHOUSESBurland told WCM that Lonesome Yurts & Tree-houses offers several different styles of units from yurts to tents and even treehouses. The treehouse units with hard panels have been a consistent seller recently. Our base model now features metal roofing and log siding, he said. Before our base model had a shingle roof, but we never sold any of those, so we just upgraded from that. That has been very popular since customers can choose their color options when it comes to the roofing and they can choose the stain they use on the wood siding, Burland added. Most of the customers we work with have been looking for structures that can be used during multiple seasons. He noted that the company caters to a mix of RV parks and campgrounds, as well as glamping parks. We typically see larger orders coming from the glamping segment, Burland ex-plained. But we also have sold units to summer camps and individuals. He noted that supply chain issues have been difficult and that it seems to fluctu-ate weekly. We have been able to scale up though and maintain our eight-to-10-week lead time, Burland said. www.lonesomeyurts.com WOODALLSCM.com September 2022 29'