b"INDUSTRY NEWSKOAs Q2 Business Report Shows Camping Market Normalizing After finishing 2021 33% above the pre- grounds. vious record-grossing year, KampgroundsA benefit to all KOA campgrounds, theRAC Celebrates 50th of America Inc. (KOA) shared continuedcompanys new resale program has flour-growth in its Q2 Business Report.ished with nine campgrounds placing list- Anniversary, Donates Compared to the same period last year,ings. New in 2022, the KOA Resale Program$50,000 to Foundation registration revenue improved by 5.9% inconnects franchise owners to an independ-the second quarter of 2022. Looking for- ent, licensed real estate agent with a camp- RecreationalAdventuresCompany ward,advanceddepositsareaheadofgroundownershipbackground.The(RAC)hostedafreecommunitysocial where they were at the end of last year, fin- program leverages KOAs network of camp- eventattheMount Rushmore Kamp-ishing the second quarter up 1.8%. Thisground buyers and relies on intimate in- groundsofAmerica(KOA)Resortat places advanced deposits 62.9% over thedustry knowledge to deliver owners thePalmer Gulch to celebrate its 50-year an-same time period in 2019, the strongestbest return on their investment.niversary and support the Hill City Com-camping year prior to the pandemic.KOAs Corporate Portfolio Continues tomunity Foundation, according to a press Short-Term and Long-Term Perform- Expandrelease. ance ShiftsDuring the years second quarter, KOAAs part of this celebration, RAC an-Focusingonshort-termbusiness,and established a new bar well ahead ofcontinuedthefocusedexpansionofitsnounced a donation of $50,000 to the mainly reflecting leisure travel, KOA reportspre-pandemic numbers that we will bench- owned campground portfolio. Throughoutfoundation. a 5.6% increase in registration revenue. Oc- mark and plan against going forward.thisperiod,KOAacquiredthreecamp- The Mount Rushmore Resort at Palmer cupancy, however, fell when comparing theKOAslong-termbusinessclosedthegrounds. The company welcomed Gatlin- Gulch has a long history of serving guests. second quarter to the prior year. Accordingquarter similarly. Long-term registrationburg East/Smoky Mountain KOA HolidayIn 1925, a mining engineer named John to the report, KOAs occupancy was downrevenuewas6.9%higherthanin2021,in Tennessee, Ouray KOA Holiday in Col- Bland and other investors purchased land 3.4%while occupancy was down 3.3%.orado and the Livingston/Paradise Valleyalong Palmer Creek to develop a country The pandemic brought a large, new au- Franchise System Grows, Adds Indus- KOAHolidayinMontana.Additionally,club in the heart of the Black Hills. dience into the great outdoors, said Tobytry-Leading Resale ProgramKOA purchased land for future develop- RAC took over in 1972 and further de-ORourke, president and CEO of KOA. WeDuringthesecondquarter,KOAex- ment in Maine.veloped the Mount Rushmore Resort into see outdoor travel continuing to resonatepanded its footprint in Canada with a newOur interest in expanding our camp- a destination full of great RV and tent and many are camping again this year.conversion campground in Lethbridge, Al- groundholdingshasnotslowed,saidcamping sites, camping and deluxe cab-However, other forms of vacation are re- berta.Darin Uselman, chief operating officer ofins, noted the release. Todays Mount bounding, and some campers are addingGrowth in Canada has been a focus forowned and operated assets of KOA (OAK).Rushmore Resort at Palmer Gulch is made those back into their plans. Last year, ourus, said Ann Emerson, chief operating of- We see substantial value in outdoor hos- up of two great facilities for travelersbusiness surpassed every expectation andficer of KOA system. Not only are we ap- pitality and anticipate continued growth inTheMountRushmoreLodgeandthe we are keeping pace with it thus far thisplying resources to bring more yellow signsthis sector. Were investing now to ensure aMount Rushmore KOA, which has earned year. The surge of interest in camping theto Canada, but we are also working to bringbright future for our company and ourresort status from KOA. WCMpast couple of years has reset our forecastsincreased value to our Canadian camp- brand.WCMSun Communities CONY: Active Shooter Prep a Must for Campgrounds PrivateparkoperatorscouldfaceCONY to Host Annual Reports Revenuelegal liability if an employee is injured in an active shooter event due to the lack Up by 34.8% in Q2ofwell-roundedactiveshootereventExposition in Albany policies and related training, accordingfrom Oct. 31-Nov. 2Sun Communities Inc., a real estateto legal guidance recently provided to investment trust (REIT) that owns and op- New York campground operators.ployees to carry firearms.Campground Owners of New York erates, or has an interest in, manufacturedAll aspects of everyday life are facing Performing Google searches on the(CONY), the trade association for inde-housing (MH) communities, RV resortsthe risk of being terrorized by an activenames of prospective employees andpendently owned campgrounds in New and marinas, reported that total revenuesshooter event, and because of this, busi- guests to see if they are connected to anyYork State, will hold its 59th Exposition during its second quarter increased bynesses ought to have in place policiesviolent crimes or incidents.for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry in $210.4 million, or 34.8%, while YTD theand instructions regarding the proper Implementing a guest tag system,Albany, N.Y., from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, ac-companyhasseentotalrevenuesin- manner in which to respond to an activewhich allows owners or park security tocording to CONY officials. crease by $316.9 million, or 30.3%, toshooter event, The Towne Law Firm, ofeasily distinguish admitted guests fromCampgroundoperatorsandstaff, approximately $1.4 billion.Albany, N.Y., stated in a memo, whichtrespassers.prospective operators and industry ven-For the quarter ended June 30, totalwas recently emailed to New York camp- Preparingandplacingcrisisre- dors are invited to participate. revenues increased by $210.4 million, orgrounds by the Campground Owners ofsponse kits in strategic locations to aidThisyeartheexpositionthemeis 34.8%, to $814.3 million compared toNew York (CONY).employees and/or guests in the event ofRecreationReadinessandRejuvena-$603.9 million for the same period inThe Towne Law Firm, which serves asan active shooter incident. These kitstion. According to Suzanne Hopkins, 2021. Net income attributable to commonCONY's outside counsel and a trustedshould include first aid supplies, emer- CONYs vice president of marketing and shareholders was $74 million, or $0.61alliance partner of the association, rec- gency contact numbers, a map of es- publicrelations,activitiesarebeing per diluted common share, compared toommends that parks not only developcape routes, flashlights and radios.crafted around this concept. net income attributable to common share- policies on how staff should prepare and Consulting with local law enforce- Were planning the expo to help our holders of $110.8 million, or $0.98 per di- respond to active shooter events butment and emergency response servicesattendees relax and get refreshed, so they hold regular active shooter training ses- to develop an emergency action plan tocan be ready to offer the best in recre-luted common share, for the same periodsionsanddevelopanactiveshooterhelp employees know and understandation and rejuvenation for their guests in 2021.emergency plan.proper procedures for dealing with annext year, she explained. For the six months ended June 30,Failingtoprepareforsucheventsactive shooter situation and its after- The exposition is a mix of seminars, total revenues increased by $316.9 mil- could put park employees, customersmath.social events and includes a trade show lion, or 30.3%, to approximately $1.4 bil- and its reputation at risk, the Towne Law Identifying evacuation and escapewith vendors. It will be held at The Gov-lion compared to approximately $1 billionFirm stated, behaving responsibly inroutes and locations in the campgroundernor Nelson A Rockefeller Empire State for the same period in 2021. Net incomethis day and age includes formulating anwhere employees can hide during an ac- Plaza Convention Center and the Ren-attributable to common stockholders wasactive shooter event policy so that em- tive shooter event.aissance Albany Hotel in Albany. The $74.7 million, or $0.63 per diluted com- ployees are educated as to what protocolThe Towne Law Firm also highlightedRenaissance Albany Hotel is also the host mon share, compared to net income at- needs to be followed to maximize theirwarning signs that can indicate poten- hotel for lodging. tributabletocommonstockholdersofsafety.tially violent behavior, including: For those who have attended the ex-$135.6 million, or $1.22 per diluted com- Active shooter prevention strategies Resistance to policy or proceduralposition in recent years, there is a change mon share, for the same period in 2021. may include a variety of tactics, such as: changesto the trade show schedule. This year WCMInstituting a no firearm policy inDecreasedattentiontopersonalCONY will host a trade show preview the campground and not allowing em- CONYcontinued on page 6 Albanycontinued on page 6WOODALLSCM.com September 2022 3"