b'MONTANA CANVASDinges noted that the company has re-cently launched a new website with differ-entfeaturesthatmakeiteasierfor customers to explore the variety of options thecompanyoffers.HetoldWCMthat Montana Canvas is also working on a new tent, but that it probably wont be ready until next year sometime. The company has been dealing with a flood of orders and supply chain issues as it works to keep up with demand. Keeping an eyeontheeconomy,Dingesnotesthat Montana Canvas is also focusing on more of its core products as it navigates uncertain times. There are a lot of new things out there that we could probably do, but I dont know if I am willing to invest capital based on where everything sits right now, he said. Dinges told WCM that park owners look-ing to add a new tent need to think about ordering their products as soon as possible. He has noticed most of the attention from customers is focused on the companys glamping packages. We are shipping out a lot of our products without the framing and the customers are just designing their own unique framing because they want that different look, Dinges explained. Packages include a 12-by-14-foot luxury model and another thats a 14-by-20-foot suite. One has a queen-sized bed for two adults, while the other model will accom-modate a family of four. Package A has everything included. The more affordable Package B leaves the campground to build a fly area. In Package C, the entire frame must be provided by the campground. Packages start at around $2,600 and range up to $3,800. Owners can add full floor platforms, porches and furnishings. 406-388-1225www.montanacanvas.comNOMADICS TIPI MAKERSNomadics Tipi Makers has been building classic Tipis for well over 50 years. The company is currently focused on building a new website and hopes to launch it soon. Itwillfeatureanupdatedinteractivetipiandart builder, so our customers can design their tipi using our standard designs, said Tashina Youngstrom, managing director of the firm. The company continues to see interest in its camp-ground models with the patented door design. The zip-pered mosquito door opening is six feet high which allows foraneasierentranceandamoresecurefit,noted Youngstrom. This door also offers better ventilation in the summer months, while protecting you from flying insects and other pests, she said. We have customers from all over the world purchasing these for nightly rentals or their per-sonal use. Nomadics has also incorporated more floorplans and packages for those customers that want full baths. Car-tridge toilets or plumbed plans are now available. Youngstrom suggests that most campgrounds make a village with a grouping of at least three tents on the prop-erty. 541-389-3980www.tipi.comOUTSTANDING TENTSOutstanding Tents has introduced the new Fellow tents in 2022 and is also work-ing on a new Ranger line. Higbee noted that business has been going well. We have been dealing with supply chain issues like everyone else, but luckily we havent experienced any bottlenecks, he said. Higbee told WCM that a lot of the projects the company is working with are ground-up developments and not owners seeking tents to add to their parks. We are working on things across the country, he said. There really are no hotspots. Higbee said that the new Fellow tent is designed to fit in a space the size of an RV site. He explained the Fellow offers flexible sizing ranging from 160 square feet with a simple bedroom to just shy of 300 square feet with a kitchenette and full bathroom floor plan options. There are a couple of differ-ent versions of that tent avail-able,heexplained. Theyare designed to be an easy drop-in at existing parks. The companys online show-roomrevealsnewfurnishings and stylings for 2022 based on guestfeedbackandglamping trends worldwide. 503-754-0160 www.outstandingtent.com 30 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'