b"SECRET CREEKFormerly known as Colorado Yurt, Secret Creek, is currently moving into a new state-of-the-art pro-duction facility that it says will help boost productivity and offer more office space. Part of the rebranding effort was to introduce several brand umbrellas that highlighted the range of products the company offers. The brand umbrellas include Colorado Yurts, Earthworks Tipis and Destination Tents. It gives us a chance in the long term to add additional product lines and maybe different structures, services and other things underneath our umbrellas, noted John Gibson, owner and CEO of the com-pany. The company has remained busy over the past few years and is still tackling a large number of orders, but Gibson said that there have been signs that economic concerns may be popping up.We're more recently feeling a bit of the consumer recognizing the recession is on its way, he explained. You can feel a pause. Like on the date the Federal Reserve an-nounced its three-quarter point jump here a couple of months back, it shut off our phones in a sense to a very small number of calls for a period of days. It was in that in-stant that we could feel a little bit of how our customers are begin- John Gibsonning to think differently. Secret Creek has also noticed that customers are more pre-pared when they make their ini-tial calls. They have researched more about the products and brands that are out there and they have a list of questions to ask, Gib-son noted. SecretCreekiscurrently maintaininganeight-to-10-week backlog, and Gibson said that the company is uniquely positioned for large orders. We have doubled our staff and tripled the size of our facil-ity, he explained. We have scaled for this growth, and we are ready for it. 800-288-3190www.secretcreek.com SHELTER STRUCTURES AMERICAKeith Krezminski, executive vice president of Calif.-based Shelter Structures America, told WCM that the companys geodesic domes are hot sellers at the moment. I think for most of our customers it is just an easier unit to install, they dont have any issues with them, he explained. From working with local officials to placing them on a site. The domes Krzeminski said can include full bathrooms, as well as air conditioning and heating. They are as close to a permanent accommodation unit as you can get, he explained. I think from a vantage point of view, that gives clients a bigger season to play with and a more durable product.Keith KrzeminskiThe company also offers safari-type tents, both light and heavyweight ver-sions. Krezminski said that the customers he works with are mainly doing new developments. Permitting is an issue right now, he explained. We have clients where local officials are invested in making sure everything is permitted, especially when it comes to new developments. People who are trying to add these to ex-isting parks are having a slightly easier time. Krezminski noted that the company is weathering supply-chain issues well, and that price increases have leveled out. He said most of the products the company produces are deliverable within 90 days. Krezminski told WCM that he expects sales to continue to do well over the next year as the company develops relationships with some bigger players in the industry. 424-254-9172www.shelterstructuresamerica.com WCM32 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine"