b'know they can communicate with sign language.Lassen RV Resort Profile As parents, Ben and Danelle have also developed sensitivity and respect for peo- Park: Lassen RV Resort ple with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. For our family, queerLocation: 548-335 Old Highway acceptance is very alive and very impor- Road, McArthur, Calif. 96056 tant, Danelle said, adding that both of their children identify as queer, and theirDescription: A rustic 68-acre eldest is a transgender male, having tran- campground with lots of oak and sitioned as a young adult.pine forests. The 44-site camp-While becoming sensitized to the fullground with a cabin and RV rental range of human experiences in our soci- is in a remote area, roughly one ety may seem somewhat disorienting,hour north of Lassen VolcanicBen and Danelle said they have foundNational Park. Other parks closer clarity and focus as practicing Buddhists.Numerous walking trails allow campers at Lassen RV Park to connect more with nature. by include McArthur-Burney Falls Both of us came from Christian fami- State Park and Lava Bedslies. However, we found the specific atten- Danelle said Lassen RV Resort guestswere planning to meet with a womanNational Monument.tion to the central practice of compassionknow they are coming into a differentfrom Guam who is knowledgeable on and kindness in Buddhism compelling.kind of campground when they drive inhow to cook native Guamanian food andAmenities: This park featuresCompassionate kindness is the center ofand see the unusual artwork. The artworksauces, which the Jansens may offer latera swimming pool, open fromall things Buddhist, Danelle said, addingalone starts setting the tone for a uniquethis summer.Memorial Day through Labor Day, that Buddhism is a way of life, rather thancampingexperiencethatiscomple- They also have a yoga instructor whohorseshoe, badminton anda religion, that helps both of them navi- mented by the parks dense forests ofcomes to the park on weekends to leadvolleyball courts as well as agate an ever-changing world and treatpines and oaks.yoga classes.beer garden and patio for special everyone with kindness and respect, re- Guests receive trail maps when theyNow that people are allowed to gatherweekend events.gardless of their background.check in and are encouraged to explore theagain,wehavebeenwantingtooffer When you operationalize values toparks many trails. Danelle also leads artmore activities to pull people in here,Phone: 530-336-5657 help lift people up, its an invisible web ofwalks along the trails and points out art- Ben said. They need positive things to care and concern that we try to provide towork along the trail as well as the parksdo. We know they are starving for some- Website: https://lassenrvresort.com our guests, Ben said, adding that themany wild animals, which can be seen andthing new. WCM same values could be applied to any typeheard, enhancing the guests experience. of business.While the Jansens say running their Ultimately, Ben and Danelle said theycampground has been challenging dur-want to fashion Lassen RV Resort into aing the pandemic, they are gradually in-safe space where people not only feelcreasing their business base and they are welcome but have a unique sense ofconsidering new attractions to make their connection.campground unique. Our vision is connecting people withThey recently obtained their beer li-earth, art and each other, Danelle said.cense and have created a beer garden, The Jansens do this primarily with art.which they first opened over Memorial The art piece is important, DanelleDay weekend. The Jansens also cooked said, adding, Humans have been doinghomemade carnitas, a Mexican pork dish art since the beginning of time. Art helpsand homemade refried beans and Mexi-connect people. It brings smiles to peo- can rice. They were planning a similar ples faces.event for the Fourth of July weekend. The conversations adults and childrenOne of our guests said it was the best have when they are making art also helpfood hes ever had at a campground, Ben draw each other together. Unfortunately,said, which was wonderful to hear because Danelle said, society puts so much em- both Ben and some staff members love to phasis on people creating museum-qual- cook and hope to broaden their menu of-ity artwork that people withdraw from artferings, not only for their campground as they get older.guests but for people who live in the tiny Everybodyisanartistinkinder- town of McArthur who are looking to ex-garten, she said. But we lose that as peo- perience something new and different. ple get older. We (as a society) have takenAt the time of this writing, the Jansens art away from people. The Jansens, however, are using art ac-tivities as a way to connect people with each other and with their park. Much of the artwork guests produce is displayed in the park, including along the 800-foot driveway that leads into the campground. Guests are also invited to paint trail mark-ers for the 68-acre forested park. Danelle said children often speak excitedly about coming back to the park to see their trail signs guiding hikers along some of the campgrounds trails. Ben, a professional musician and in-structor, said art can also be therapeutic, noting that he has been active in a writing group for over a decade. It just does really good things for us, he said. It helps us process things that are hard to process in everyday life. The Jansens have also created a fledg-ling artist residency program, where an artist comes to stay at their park and en-gages the land and environment to create original work. They are also developing unique art classes and encourage guests to explore their artistic side in different ways. An artist residency in 2021 created a unique, large sculpture on their Rain-bow Trail called Totally Cubular, by artist and college instructor Nikki Pike, who re-sides in Colorado. WOODALLSCM.com September 2022 37'