b'INDUSTRY NEWSAla. Park Owner, Consultant to Host Investors Introductory Conference Entrepreneurshavetraditionallyprojects and park expansions, includingBridgman, who is also self-employed struggled to find lenders who are knowl- SterlingDodd,ofWolfHillInvest- as a campground industry consultant, edgeable about the private park busi- ments, with Fervent Capital as an out- is encouraging conference attendees to ness and are willing to invest in newdoorhospitality-focusedcommercialbring as much documentation as possi-parks and park expansions.debt brokerage firm.ble regarding their proposed projects But thanks to the initiative of Ala- Im just getting fantastic responses,andfinancingneeds,includingtheir bama park owner Ed Bridgman, theBridgman said. Im going to have atfeasibility studies and financial state-outdoor hospitality industry will soonleast a dozen people with open check- ments so that lenders and investors can haveitsfirstconferencededicatedbooks ready to invest in the RV park in- quickly assess their projects and deter-solely to matching current and aspiringdustry.mine their suitability for funding. park owners with lenders and investorsLender and private equity interest inBridgman said his firm, EOB Con-who are interested in funding new parksthe private park business, of course, is asulting, can assist entrepreneurs with and park expansions, as well as RV andnew phenomenon, driven by the explo- preparing feasibility studies if needed. boat storage facilities.sive growth of RV sales and the corre- We travel to your location and create The Oct. 19 event, called the Investorssponding increase in demand for RVan understanding of your vision. We per-Introductory Conference, will take placesites across the country.formacomprehensivecompetitive from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Homestead RVFour years ago, when I was lookinganalysis of the local market to support Community in Mobile, Ala.for a loan, I couldnt get these people toyour vision. We identify the correct RV BerkshireHathawayhasalreadygive me the time of day, Bridgman re- destination type and provide the site lay- Ed Bridgmancommitted funds to sponsor the confer- called, adding that he needed $2.3 mil- outinbothPDFandCADformats, ence, Bridgman said, adding that otherlion in loans to build Homestead RVBridgman said, adding his firm also cal- Attendees who wish to reserve an well-known banks, including Atlanta- Community.culates the estimated construction andRVsite can do so through www.home-based Ameris Bancorp, have also com- Its a different situation today, how- operatingcosts,revenuestreamsandsteadrvc.com. mitted to sending representatives to theever. Lenders and investors are inter- projected cash flow over a 10-year period.Forquestions,pleasecontact event.ested in RV park projects, but they stillBridgman is charging entrepreneursBridgman at 512-785-1379 or complete Representatives from private equityneed help connecting with entrepre- $100 to attend the Investors Introduc- the signup form on www.EOB-Consult-firms also plan to send representativesneurs who are planning to build newtoryConference,whichincludesaing.comandemailittoEOB@EOB-looking to provide funding for new parkparks and expand existing ones.catered breakfast and lunch.Consulting.comJeff CriderWCMCALENDAR OF EVENTSOCTOBERSawmill Creek ResortNov. 30-Dec. 3: CampgroundHuron, OhioOwners Expo 4-5: The Glamping Show USAContact: info@ohiocampers.comBranson Convention Center Arapahoe County FairgroundsBranson, Mo. Aurora, Colo. NOVEMBERwww.campgroundownersexpo.com Contact: www.glampingshow.us 6-9: Camp Jellystone Symposium 12: Indiana Campground OwnersCharleston, S.C.DECEMBERCampspot Opens API toAssociations Fall CampgroundContact: 800-626-37204-7: Pennsylvania CampgroundDevelopers, Joins with MeetingOwners Associations AnnualContact: www.imharvic.org7-10: National ARVCs ConventionRoverPass, Booking.com Outdoor Hospitality25-26: Ohio Campground OwnersConference & ExpoPenn StaterCampspot, a provider of campground Associations Fall Conference &Orlando, Fla.State College, Pa. reservation software, announced in early Campground TourContact: www.arvc.org/ohceContact: 610-767-5026 WCM Julythatdeveloperscanaccess Campspots Online Booking API and use it to showcase and aggregate Campspots rates and real-time availability within their own website, according to a press release. WithaccesstoCampspotsOnline Booking API, multi-park operators and enterprise campground owners can now provide a seamless one-stop shopping and booking experience for their guests to search across all of their properties with a single query, all while maintaining the look and feel of their existing booking engine, noted the release. Campspot has also announced a new partnership with RoverPass and a new integration with Booking.com. The RoverPass collaboration enables access to a larger inventory selection through an integration that connects RoverPass and Campspot for a seamless online booking experience. Through the integration, Campspot will now have access to all of RoverPass instant book inventorytogrowitsmarketplace, adding to its RV and Campground on-line booking ecosystem. Booking.comsintegrationensures that important campground inventory will be seen by frequent travelers who more often use sites like Booking.com, to search, discover and book their travel plans. This increases visibility for camp-grounds and exposes parks to new cus-tomers. Visit https://software.campspot.comWCM40 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'