b'SMART OPERATIONSWith Costs Rising, 10 Ways to Cut Expenses As prices increase, incomes just cannot seem to keep up. While you arePeterwaiting for corporate buyers to come knocking at your door with the rightPellandoffer, here are ten concrete tips for cutting your expenses We are all feeling a financial pinchnumber(s) will port over to the newservicesthatareeitherunusedorthat is generated at a fraction of the during these days of rampant globalservice,thesoundiscrystalclearthat exceed your needs. For example,fees that would be charged by your inflation. We feel it at the fuel pumps,and it generally includes some highlyyou might be paying for a plan thatlocal utility, over the course of the 20thesupermarketsandjustabouteffective call blocking features. Serv- includes20GBofmonthlydata25-year lifespan of the system. The everywhere.Thepriceofadozenice providers include Ooma, Ring- transfer when you never use moreinstaller reaps the tax incentives and ears of sweet corn at my local farmCentral, Nextiva and Vonage, amongthan 2GB. Call your carrier and speakis also responsible for service and stands that cost $6 in recent yearsothers.with a sales associate, explaining thatmaintenance.Insomeinstances, hasjumpedto$9thisyear.Inall2) You have a fax machine? Theyouneedtoreduceyourmonthlyyour system can tie into battery stor-probability,youhaveraisedthetechnology behind the fax machine billing, perhaps citing prices from aage with a Tesla Powerwall or similar prices of your campsites. is as old as the hills, introduced bycompetitive company. They will re- system that will also serve as a short-As prices increase, incomes justWestern Union in the late 1940s, thenduce your monthly billing, but nottermsubstituteforanexpensive cannot seem to keep up. While youadaptedtousetelephonelinesbywithout you taking the initiative tobackup power generator. are waiting for corporate buyers toXerox in 1964. During the 1980s, a faxask. For example, AT&T offers a 10%7) Cut the cable. If you are paying come knocking at your door with themachine was considered essential of- monthly discount if you are a mili- your local cable services provider for right offer, here are ten concrete tipsfice equipment. Since then, it has be- tary veteran.TV, phone and high-speed internet, for cutting your expenses and mak- come little more than an annoyance4)Areyoupayingforsatelliteevenabundledservicemightbe ing inflation more bearable, in somethat presents unsolicited (and illegal)radio? When you buy a new vehicle,highlyoverpriced.Inmostareas, instances for your household and inadvertising from disreputable time- itgenerallycomeswithatleastacable service providers have a local-some instances for your business. share companies, cruise agents andmonth of trial service with Sirius XM.ized monopoly, with no incentive to Several of these involve rethinkingroofing contractors. If you still haveThecompanyhopesthatyouwillbe competitively priced. There are old habits and finding new ways ofone of these machines cluttering upgrow accustomed to its service andoptions. For example, T-Mobile has doing things.a desk in your office, it is way pastcontinue as a paid subscriber. I per- recently introduced 5G broadband 1) Cut the land lines. Are you stilltime to kiss it goodbye, saving the ex- sonally have thumb drives in my ve- internetserviceforonly$50per paying your local phone companypense of paper, ink or toner and per- hiclesthatIhavepre-loadedwithmonth, which could represent quite for landline telephone service? If so,hapsadedicatedphoneline.Theabout12,000songsthatplayran- a savings. you are likely paying a substantial feesame companies that provide VoIPdomly and only include music and8)Gopaperless.Ifyouhave each month, when half of your in- telephoneserviceincludeeasy-to- artists that I want to hear. If you aremonthly recurring payments, almost coming calls are probably from tele- use virtual fax features. If you receivereally hooked on satellite radio, letall companies will offer you a dis-marketersandrobocallers.Ifyoua fax, it comes in as a PDF file thatyour service expire for two or threecountifyouagreetopaperless havehigh-speedinternetservice,youcanpreview,thendecidedays without renewing. Then contactbilling, saving them the expense of there are several companies that sellwhether to print or delete.theserviceproviderforarenewalmailing paper statements. There will telephone equipment that runs Voice3) Are you overpaying for mobilediscount. You will pay half price butusually be an additional discount if over Internet Protocol (VoIP), withservice? Like everybody these days,may have to repeat this routine everyyou set up automatic payments. monthly fees for premium servicesyouprobablyhavemobilephonesix months.9)Loweryourinterestrates.If thatmightbeaslittleas$20perservice from one of the major carri- 5) Do you ask for discounts? If youyou use a credit card, and particu-month, including unlimited callingers such as AT&T, Verizon or T-Mo- areover50,youarenodoubtanlarlyifyoucarryabalancefrom throughout North America. The serv- bile.CheckyournextbillingAARPmember. Whenyoumakeamonth to month, call the company ice is reliable, your existing phonestatement to see if you are paying forpurchase, ask if there is a discount as- and ask them to reduce the interest sociated with your membership. Fiverate, lower any annual fee or convert years ago, when buying a new vehicleyou to a more affordable card. Once (andalreadynegotiatingaseriousagain, they are not going to reduce discount), I asked the sales associatetheir profit margins on your account if there was an AARP discount. Muchunless you ask. tomysurprise(andhissurprise!),10) Lower your credit card pro-there was an additional $3,000 takencessing fees. Your small business is off the price of that vehicle. There areprobably running an ever-increasing also discounts associated with mem- volumeoftransactionsthrougha berships in auto clubs, fraternal or- creditcardmerchantservices ganizations and your national andprovider. Be sure that the fees are state campground associations suchcompetitive or be willing to switch to astheNationalAssociationofRVanother provider. There are compa-Parks and Campgrounds. niessuchasPennsylvania-based 6) Go solar! Although the incen- MCPS for Campgrounds that spe-tives will vary from state to state, andcializeinworkingwiththecamp-thesavingsandcost-effectivenessgroundindustryandofferhighly will vary with your local utility rates,competitive rates. installingrooftoporground- Yes, times are a bit tough, but that mountedsolarpanelsisano- iswhenitistimetothinksmart, brainer, even in northern latitudes.break a few old habits and consider Lacking a good southern exposure,new ways of doing things. surrounded by tall trees and in a re-gion where the panels get coveredPeterPellandistheCEOof with snow during the winter months,Pelland Advertising, a company that the 47 panels on the roofs of my ownhe founded in 1980 that has been home save us approximately $1,200serving the family camping industry per year by feeding power back intofor over 40 years. His company spe-the grid through net metering. Youcializes in building fully responsive can purchase your system outright,websites, along with producing a full or there are companies that will in- rangeoffour-colorprocessprint stall a system at no charge to you. Inadvertising, for clients from coast to the latter instance, you are essen- coast.LearnmoreaboutPelland tially leasing your roof space, with anAdvertising at https://pelland.com or agreementtopurchasethepowersee their ad in this issue. WCM 8 September 2022 Woodalls Campground Magazine'