b'MODERN MARKETINGA Look Ahead: Digital Marketing in 2023 As online marketers, were always seeking ways to reach our audience. ButEvanne to do so, we need to understand them to understand where they spendSchmardertheir online time and what they are looking for on different platforms.Recent times have been hard forFor example, according to Hoot- ual subscribers, addressing their in- dontneedtobeexpensive,big-digitalmarketinggiants.Twittersuite, 84% of TikTok users are alsoterestsandneeds.BythisIdontname celebs but instead those with seems to be in the throes of an un- on Facebook; 88% of Twitter usersmean one email per subscriber. In- a small but dedicated following in forced error, Meta Platforms (Face- are also on Instagram. Its as simplestead, personalize your messages byyour niche. While compensation is book and Instagram for all intentsas what each platform delivers. Tik- segmenting your list, use #first nameimportant, its not always big bucks. and purposes) are facing increasedTok and Pinterest are all about en- and craft catchy subject lines. DontIfyoudonthaveenoughinyour competition and declining ad rev- tertainment,funvideos,handysend news of your new playgroundbudget, consider offering an all-in-enue.Andeventhatbehemoth,hacks and dream boards, but its notto your winter retirees. Conversely,clusive stay in exchange for a pack-Alphabet (formerly Google), is expe- the place people go to message fam- the What to know about claimingage of posts. Choose wisely, creators riencing turbulence.ily and friends. Thats for FacebookSocial Security financial seminarsspeakingonyourbehalfbecome As the industry matures, time hasand Instagram. Those two Meta plat- are of little interest to young fami- part of your public image.turned digital platforms into mediaforms are tops when following or re- lies. Plan accordingly. Maps make the world go round, giants with challenges galore, mar- searchingbrandsandposting/Thanks in part to Metas integra- especially if one is barreling down ket-drivenfinancialtargetstohitsharing photos and videos. For alltion,messagingisanimportantthe highway at nightfall, looking for andthepushtoremainrelevant.the doom and gloom you hear aboutmarketing tactic. As consumers de- a place to set up camp or the perfect Whiletherearealwaysupsets,Facebook, the best advice for 2023 ismand high levels of customer serv- locationforalonger-termstay. shakeups,newplayerstryingtoto hone your strategy and work to in- ice in the form of rapid and usefulGoogle My Business is the vehicle elbow their way in and a search forspire your audience. Take appropri- replies, chatbots can take the pres- that delivers. Its easy, free and effec-the next big thing, all reports pointate action.sure off humans. On the human sidetive. Do everything possible to make to the continuation of a thriving dig- ofthings,offeringDMandWhat- your profile as complete and com-ital marketing scene. And why not?Other outlets to boost sAppmessagingbuttonsonac- pelling as possible. Its a no-brainer, The global public likes being able toyour businesscounts is more and more common.get going.accesstheworldwithafewkey- Video marketing continues its as- Thecaveat?MakesureyouhaveYour 24/7 marketing department strokes, educating and entertainingcension.Foryearswevetalkedenough time and attention to replycould not be more important. Take themselves,especiallywiththeabout its importance in both searchto(andsolve)eachmessagethe time to tweak your website, max-abundance of platforms available.and ideation. Use short-form video,promptly.Careful.Dontbiteoffimizing SEO and providing answers under60seconds,onInstagrammore than you can chew.to the most common questions. Add Campers, where are you?Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok.What if someone you respected ora chatbot, upload beautiful (but re-As online marketers, were alwaysLivestreamingcanbeapowerfulaspiredtobemoreliketoldyoualistic) images, pay attention to the seeking ways to reach our audience.marketing tool. Use it for Q&As, toabout an incredible fill-in-the-blankmost popular pages or searches and But to do so, we need to understandshare big news such as season open- (vacation,recipe,outfit,TVshow,make sure they are front and center themtounderstandwheretheyingdatesornewfacilities,ortopaint color, etc.)? If youre like mostand complete. Even in the age of so-spend their online time and whatbroadcast park events and happen- people, your ears perk up and yourecial media, websites matter. Make they are looking for on different plat- ings. Experimenting is easier thaninterested in learning if it fits yoursure yours is up to snuff.forms. Studies continue to show thatyou think.lifestyle. Admit it, youve tuned into onlineusersarenotone-trickIf your park has a robust and re- Netflix or baked a cake that some- What can you do?ponies.Theaverageuserpartici- curring seasonal population, emailoneyouadmirerecommended.Successful digital marketing is not pates on seven platforms, using eachmarketing remains an avenue youThats the power of influencers or, asfor the faint of heart. It takes vision, for specific purposes. should be utilizing. Write to individ- we call them today, creators. Theypartners, time and money. Not sure whereyoushouldstart,revise,or augment? Talk to your peers, those you meet with at state and national events. Join your local chamber of commerce and study their recom-mendations. Consult with a profes-sional to develop a digital marketing plan,refineyourSEOprogramor build/update your website.Take advantage of technology. Set up a tool like Hootsuite to manage youronlinepresence.UseanAI writer to bulk up your posts, emails or online ads. Pay attention to those on social media getting recognized for the product you sell and reach out.There are dozens of ways to pump up your digital marketing efforts. Be systematicandslow.Setgoals, measure results, adjust if necessary and then do it again. Time after time, oursocialmediaoverlordshave proven that a bend in the road is not the end of the road. Get your map out.Evanne Schmarder, a longtime WCM ModernMarketingcolumnistand principal at Roadabode Productions, will soon be releasing the second book in her Marketing Your RV Park/Camp-ground Online series. Details to follow at roadabode.com WCM10 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'