b'Electrical Equipment Suppliers Still Dealing with Supply Chain Issues, But Set to Tackle Wave of EVs B WhilemostsupplierstoldWoodallsCampgroundMagazine nBY BEN QUIGGLEetween new developments and park expansions, electrical equip-ment suppliers in the outdoor hospitality industry are working to meet the demand for pedestals, meters, wiring and more in a very challenging supply chain environment. (WCM) that things have improved, there is still a lot of work to be done as prices continue to climb and more parks work to meet camper demand. I am involved primarily with new projects, and I have been busy, noted Paul Croteau, a senior sales engineer at Utility Sup-ply Group. It seems like I am working on one or two a week. Some are stalled while others are hitting on all cylinders. A lot of parks have things on order, and they are just waiting for equip-ment to arrive. Lead times depend on the product, he added. There are still products with six-month lead times or more. Panels and trans-formers are causing serious problems for customers.Paul CroteauTristan Ciceri, vice president of Electrical Works, a Florida-based company that does electrical design work, including upgrades and expansions of parks in the Southeast and Texas, Arizona, Virginia and Ohio, told WCM that business has been good. We have large orders with many different supply companies so we can get products in pretty consistently, he explained. But on new orders, it can be four to 10 months out depending on the pedestal. Distribution panels and metering equipment are 10 months out at the moment. Mike Sorensen, president of Wild Energy, said his company has also seen better than expected growth. The companys Smart Meters have become more popular as park owners work to reign in the rising cost of electricity. With the electric vehicle (EV) push and electric RVs coming, consumers are using more and more energy, and everybody is conscious now of how much is being used, he said. The owners themselves are noticing that their bills are getting larger, so theyMike Sorensen16 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine'