b"OneofthemisourRUMups the electric charge 14%, you just lost money. It's just good business to not do meter, which is an easy swap in,it that way. If the cost of your ice goes up, if the cost of your gas goes up, if the swap out to retrofit remote me- cost of your fire goes up, you change your rate. If you billed electricity into your tering and control into an exist- rate, you're losing money. It's just not a good business practice. ing park, he explained. ThenWild Energy Inc., Sarasota, Fla., has been serving the outdoor hospitality in-wehavetheRUMNanofordustry for a few years now, and Sorensen said that he is constantly working with power pedestals that dont havenew integration partners and on technology upgrades. The company currently meter sockets. It is an alternativehas integrations with NewBook, App My Community and more. solution to add that remote op- It adds value for us and the park management system, he explained. It also tion.adds value for the consumer and park owners. The App My Community integra-Rivas told WCM that the com- tion is a great example. That's a consumer-facing piece of software. They can look pany has been bringing on newat their electrical usage and that helps them manage and monitor that. businessascustomersslowlySorensen said that the service Wild Energy provides does so much more than move towards remote metering.meter electricity. Besidesthemetering,weWe are now monitoring the pedestals to make sure they're operational and also offer control, he explained.we are checking the voltage to make sure that it's sufficient for the RVs, he noted. You can remotely turn on andWe are watching for high loads that could potentially harm a pedestal or the off a pedestal and we offer waterbreakers and we now have data that is year over year, month over month, hot monitoring and control as well.season, cold season, to help the owners understand their demand and not only Thereareadditionalfeaturesprotect their infrastructure, but plan for upgrades. thatarealsointegratedwithLooking forward, Sorensen said that the company is taking more of a dive into management software companies that we partnered with.data analytics. Rivas said that he has been working with new developments and existing parksWe will have more sophisticated dashboards and deeper data analytics for as the technology begins to catch on.the multi-site owners and the big corporate operators so that they can under-The market of park owners that want to switch and start metering is massivestand electrical usage across their parks, he explained. with the increase in overall electrical consumption, he noted. They're trying to833-563-6300 get a handle on it and pass along that cost to their customers. To do so, they havewww.wildenergyco.com to do it in an efficient way for them that's not too cost-prohibitive. What we're working on is kind of educating them on what they'll need to make that happen,YOUR ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS and then the cost savings that come along with that and enabling them to do itMaggie Linnell, the owner of Lake Orion, Mich.-based Your in a persistent, error-free, easy kind of management style.Electrical Solutions (YES), told WCM that business has been slow 888-988-7962over the last year due to product shortages. www.marinesync.comFactories are still experiencing issues and we have not added anynewproductsbecause WILD ENERGYtheywouldntshipforsome Sorensen told WCM that he continues to educate campground owners on whytime if we did, she said. metering individual campsites is important.OntheEVfront,Linnell We hear people talk about how they blend electrical costs into their site rates,noted that she has had some he explained. Parks set their rates a year in advance. When the power companypark owners ask about powerMaggie Linnellstations. I know there are a couple of companies that sell them, and Milbank is just rolling them out, but I have no information as to when they will be available. I do know that they tailor to the local utility's requirements, however, she said.Park owners have also been asking more for conversion kits so that they can turn an un-metered pedestal into a metered one.That probably wont stop anytime soon, noted Linnell.On a positive note, Linnell said that all of her customersarereportingthattheyarevery busy.855-644-2400 www.yourelectricalsolutions.net.WCM CALENDAR OF EVENTSFEBRUARY 5-7: Carolinas Association ofRV Parks and CampgroundsConference Embassy Suites Myrtle BeachOceanfront Myrtle Beach, S.C.Contact: www.campingcarolinas.com 26- March 3: National ARVCsSchool of RV Park/Campground ManagementOglebay Resort Wheeling, W. Va. Contact: www.arvc.org/National-School-of-RV-Parks-and-Camp-ground-ManagementWCM20 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine"