b"2022 CONFERENCE National ARVC Hosts Record Crowd During OHCE in Orlando, Looks Forward to Kansas City in 2023 nBY BEN QUIGGLEEven with Hurricane Nicole bearingferences keynote speaking on how park down on Florida, the National Associa- ownersneedtoworkonovercoming tionofRVParksandCampgroundsfears that they may have. She said that (NationalARVC)OutdoorHospitalityowners need to embrace change and op-Conference and Expo (OHCE) was ableportunities so that they can get the most to host a successful conference Nov. 7 toout of their businesses. 10 in Orlando, Fla.Stop fear from taking your joy so that The conference attracted hundreds ofyou can do your best at the park, she park owners from across the U.S. andnoted. You will miss opportunities if you Canada, with plenty of prospective parklet fear control your life and miss possi-owners, park developers and other in- bilities that exist on the other side of vestors in attendance, too.courage. I heard nothing but positive feedbackHer keynote also included some im-fromattendeesandvendors,Davidprovisation activities that allowed atten-Basler, National ARVCs vice president ofdeestotacklefearson-stage,while membershipandmarketingtoldshowing the power of overcoming fears. Woodalls Campground Magazine (WCM)EV Panels on Center Stage after the event. We heard that people en- After the keynote address, National joyed the welcome reception at JimmyARVC shifted its focus to electric vehicle Buffetts Margaritaville at Universal City(EV)trends,hostingtwopanelsthat Walk and the 1980s themed networkinghighlighted emerging EV technology and event in the convention center.howparkownersshouldpreparefor The education sessions and panelsmore EVs at their parks.National ARVC broke attendance numbers as it hosted over a thousand attendees in Orlando, Fla. we hosted have all received very positiveThefirstEVpanelfocusedonthe feedback, he added. The expo was theemerging technology that park ownersthefrontofeverycampsitesothatThis unit was turned into something largest we have ever hosted, and I thinkare going to want to stay in front of andcampers can have their RVs plugged in,that was using hundreds of dollars worth the weather really helped push people toincluded Nick Davis from Winnebagoas well as charge their EVs at the sameof electricity every day, he noted. They the expo, which resulted in more peopleIndustries, Alleyn Harned from Nationaltime.are seeking out parks that only charge walking the floor during the expos sec- Drive Smart, Jake Roach from QuietKat,This is a brand-new build and we$40adayanddontmeterelectrical ond day.and Tom Smitty Smith from the Texasconsciously felt that we just wanted tousage.So,parkownersarefinancing Attendance at this years show was up,ElectricTransportationResourceAl- serve the customers and we didn't wanttheir crypto operation. despite the challenges brought on byliance.to open it up to people driving off thePanelists also told attendees that EV Hurricane Nicoles surprise landfall. TheThe panel noted that half of the vehi- highway who might want to come in andusers are going to be seeking parks that official audited numbers showed 1,127cles sold by the end of the next decade willcharge, Harpaz explained. We also feltgive them a place to charge their vehi-attendees, representing more than 1,500be EVs and that while quite a few gas- thatcreatingasmallnumberoffastcles. unique campgrounds. National ARVCpowered vehicles will still be on the road,chargers in a public location could createNational ARVC used the panels as a noted that some attendees representedmore campers will be looking for parksan operational expense because now Iway to launch its new EV Toolkit, an all-multiple parks. that allow them to charge their vehicles.have an asset that I need to manage andinclusiveguidetopreparingoutdoor Other key data points presented dur- book time slots for. It also takes awayhospitality businesses for the EV revolu-ing the panel included:from the customer experience becausetion.57% of campers say charging sta- now you're asking them to take their car,This interactive toolkit, built with the tions are important when choosing amove it off their lot, bring it to charginghelp of fellow industry leaders Electrical camping destination.location and then go back to their siteWorks, NewBook, Utility Supply Group 56%ofcamperswouldconsideronce it is done.and Wild Energy, is for outdoor hospital-buying an E-RV when available.Harpaznotedthatheplacedtheity businesses at all stages of the process62% of campers would purchase apedestals at the front of the campsites toto aid in navigating the EV world and its motorized E-RV that they can drive.avoid having campers utilize extensionintroduction to the industry. Davis noted that EV driving range is acords.Electric vehicles (including E-RVs) Puppy cuddling was a hit during the expo.big issue that car manufacturers are try- The pedestal is located right next towill change the automotive landscape by ing to tackle.where their vehicle will park and theythe end of this decade and mobility alto-On Nov. 7, Hundreds of park ownersCampersalsoneedtobehonestcan easily plug in, he noted.gether by the end of the next, noted Na-tookpartinTakeawayTours,theabout how far they need to go betweenSorensen and Burris for their partstional ARVC officials. Just over half of Prospective Owners Workshop (POW)charges, he said. We want to preservetouted the ease of wireless metering andpassenger cars sold in the U.S. will be and a Master Class titled Be the Bestthe overall RVing experience while alsowhy park owners need to be charging forelectric vehicles by 2030, according to a YOU! Discovering Your Unique Talentstaking note of how long people want toelectricity.reportfromBloombergNEF. Theyear with Strengths Finder led by Donnago before they need to stop again.2030 might seem like a long way off but Gardner. The four parks visited duringThe panelist also predicted that thepreparing now will help owners and op-theTakeawayToursincludedCampindustry will see something on the e-RVerators be more successful when EVs Margaritaville RV Resort & Cabana Cab- side in the next year.start rolling into parks in the coming ins, Sanlan RV and Gold Resort, StageThe second EV panel focused on howyears. Stop RV Campground and Wekiva Fallspark owners can prepare for the wave ofThe toolkit is available to National RV Resort.EVs that are coming. The panel includedARVC members and can be accessed at FloridahassomeprettyuniqueMike Sorenson from Wild Energy, BlakeGoChargeAmerica.com. campgroundsandweshowcasedtheBurrisfromNewBook,DarrenFoleyGenerational Campground Report best so attendees left with lots of greatfrom Utility Supply Group, Ben PauluhnBack to the Future stars highlighted an 80s- In a separate panel on Nov. 8, National takeaways, explained Basler. from Electrical Works, Jason Rano fromthemed party.ARVC, along with RMS North America Susan Motley, National ARVCs seniorRivian/Waypoint and Amir Harpaz fromand RVshare, released its second annual director of education and events, notedTorrey Trails RV and Golf Resort.This is an operational expense, and itGenerational Campground Report, de-to WCM that POW attendees really en- The main theme of the second panelmakessensethatownerswouldbetailing what campers are looking for as joyed taking part in the Takeaway Tourswas to point out ways in which parkcharging for it, Sorensen noted.they search for their next camping ad-as part of the course this year.owners can prepare for more EVs at theirHe highlighted the fact that Wild En- venture. The parks that host go out of the wayparksandalsofocusedonelectricergys integration with NewBook allowsThe Generational Camping Report tonotonlywelcomeattendeeswithpedestal metering. The panelists werepark owners to see how much electricitydepicts an accurate picture of consumer warmhospitalitybutarealsocandidcareful to note that not every solutiona site is using and bill for that usage allmindsets and shines light onto impor-about operation strategies and make it awill work for every park and that own- from a computer or other device.tant data for the outdoor hospitality in-reallearningopportunity,sheex- ers/operators will want to assess whatHarpaz told attendees that he realizeddustry as a whole, explained officials plained.they hope to provide campers with.the value of metering electrical usagefromNationalARVC.Forexample, On Nov. 8, Judi Holler, the author ofHarpaz highlighted his park and howafter seeing an RVer come in and utilizeknowing that 'more than 90% of the 25 Fear is My Homeboy, provided the con- he is installing extra 50-amp pedestals athis RV as a bitcoin mining operation.million Americans who camped last year 24 January 2023Woodalls Campground Magazine"